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    Thank you!! Worked great :)
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    I have imaged two different WD hard drives, which I checked beforehand with WD Diagnostics software and were found to be good drives. I even re-imaged the original drive, which was repaired by the WD Diag program, and I still can't get past the Powering Up screen. I've looked at the power supply, and it appears to be OK. All lights come on when powering up - RJ-45 LEDs, front panel power LED, etc. A couple of times, I even got format lights on the front panel to light, and was able to change the format from 480i to 1080i (the format of choice for my PC monitor). Occasionally, I even get the front panel yellow light to flash when using the remote, but nothing past that. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, or should I just be resigned that this one can't be fixed?
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    Just because the power supply looks good, does not mean it is. Try powering the drive with an external source while the TiVo boots. If ot boots, it is your power supply. If it does not boot, then it could be the power supply or the motherboard.

    One other thought is to use a new SATA cable as they have been known to go bad as well.

    What drives are you using.

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    What model drive are you using?? Most use too much power than the dinky power supply can supply to the drive and main board. Also, the max is 2TB that model can handle.
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    I have a 652160 and HD finally gave it up. Shame on me for not grabbing an image earlier.

    If anyone could share and image with me that would be really appreciated.

    If there is an MFSLive image/file kicking around that would be awesome too. I have been trying to use winmfs but have been getting an "error writing media inode 0" error.


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