HELP! sONY hd200, TIVO with DVD recorder, TV with DVI in

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    Jan 4, 2006


    I've been searching through countless threads RE: the Sony SAT-HD200 and still have set-up questions:
    I have a HD200 with DVI and optical audio out, a dolby digital reciever with component and optical in, TIVO with DVD recorder with component and digitial optical audio out, and a TV with DVI in.

    As I understand it, if I use the DVI out on the HD200 I cannot use the component or RCA a/v outs to the this correct? The TV has monitor RCA A/V outs that i could run to the TIVO but i imagine the TV has to be on to use it.

    Is it also true that there are NO IR codes for the TIVO to control the HD200 and that the serial port on the back of HD200 will not function using the TIVO serial adapter??

    Should I ditch the HD200?
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