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Help planning new setup involving mini

Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by duncan7, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. duncan7

    duncan7 Member

    Sep 17, 2004
    Hi, Mini Sub-forum-
    I'm about to embark upon some home renovations and will be converting an old bedroom into an office/lounge. I'd like to put a TV in there. I have a Roamio Pro and a Premiere elsewhere in the house. This room is not yet wired for coax or ethernet, though I have Cat-6 running to both the TiVos elsewhere and both will be moving as part of the remodel, so both flavors of copper will be re-strung. I'm on Charter, if that matters, and we've had enough channel troubles to make me think we're better off not splitting the coax more than it already is.

    Q1) I'm thinking of getting a nice 32" IPS monitor with Thunderbolt and HDMI inputs to drive with my Retina MBP and connecting it to a TiVo Mini and a soundbar for watching TV. Any reason this wouldn't be workable, provided I can get the audio cabled? (I'm assuming monitors may not have audio return via HDMI and I'd have to rig something with the composite outputs.)

    Q2) As I mentioned above, we'll be moving the main AV-closet, which also houses my cable modem, router, and an 8-port switch. While I'm doing all this, I'd consider jumping up to a switch with more ports and POE so I can run a couple of wired APs to the front of the house and the second story. I see the current thread on switches and remember worrying about "green" ports the last time I upgraded networking gear- does anyone have a model to definitely avoid?

    Thanks in advance!

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