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    Jun 26, 2007


    I am not hooked up to Hd right now but i do have most channels. Which sat would i be hooked up to now ? would it be the 101, 110, or the 119 and how would i find the other two that i need for Hd?
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    It would help if we knew what dish you have now? I'll assume the triple LNB version since you posted in the HDTiVo forum. Most HD is on the 119 sat, with some on the 110 and a couple of the national DNS channels on the 101. So with the triple LNB you have access to all three.
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    You need all three to see all of DirecTV's current MPEG2 HD Channels. The new MPEG4 local HDTV channels are beamed from Ka-band satellites at 99 & 103-deg W and require a 5-LNB dish and new H20 HD Receiver or HR20 HD DVR to receive them.

    You can see which channels are beamed from each satellite here ....

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