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    I have a DirecTV Hughes HDVR2. I have had it at least a few years and just recently I have had problems with the screen locking up or "freezing". It usually happens when watching something of the now playing list. It will appear that it has a "stuttering problem" or it will freeze completely. When I try to use the remote to fast forward or pause, or even go back to Live TV, I have no response. It will stay frozen and then try to catch up with the remote commands I gave it. Another problem that has started is reboots. While watching Live TV it just reboots on its own. Has anyone else had this problem? I was told this is a sign of a bad hard drive. I did try and reset the box and delete all programs and settings. This took a good hour or more to complete. It solved the problem for a few weeks, but its starting again. I will appreciate any advice anyone has. I haven't heard good things about the new DirecTV DVR and would like to keep my DirecTV TIVO.

    Thanks! :)
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    Yep. Bad hard drive. If you know your way around the inside of a PC, you can swap out hard drives. Do a google search on 'hinsdale howto' or search the upgrade section of this site for info on how to do it.

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