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Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by goofeyfoot, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. goofeyfoot

    goofeyfoot New Member

    Nov 16, 2005


    I really need help in hacking a Sony SVR2000. I have already installed a working Network Card which works great.

    I had previously hacked this Tivo but lost everything in trying to reset it. So I guess I have to start over.

    I can't get past first base mostly, I think, because of hardware reasons.

    First, they say you have to use a FAT32 partition. My whole XP system is NTFS and I can't seem to create a FAT32 partition.

    A perhaps more serious problem is the fact that I only have one IDE controller. The cd rom has to work off that. So the Tivo drive goes on one part of the IDE and the cd rom on the other.

    Like I said, the other drives (SATAs all) don't have FAT32 on them.

    So I guess the question comes down to this:

    1. Whose program is the easiest and least finicky when it comes to re-hacking my machine? Where do you get it?

    2. How am I going to undo my partitions and make a FAT32 partition?

    3. Is it OK to have the Tivo drive and the CD Rom drive share the single IDE and to have a FAT32 partition (If I can ever get one) on a different, SATA controller? I know that they say you can do the hack with a floppy drive (instead of a cd drive) but with Windows XP I guess you need a "Windows boot disk". My experience is that it's pretty damn impossible to make a windows boot floppy for an XP machine. My personal opinion that is.

    4. Would like detailed information on backing up the existing Tivo machine pre-hack, and perhaps even some future versions of the machine after hacking so that I NEVER get back into my present situation. And I do mean NEVER.

    Please give me as many details as possible. I have done this before and have some idea but some of the Linux stuff is a little fuzzy.

    Am really hoping someone will give me some direction because I really miss the old hacked drive and want it back as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    Thanks for your help and patience. Hope to be able to return the favor.

  2. gardavis

    gardavis Member

    Nov 24, 2001
    I wonder if a FAT partition on a USB Drive will work?
  3. ciper

    ciper Active Member

    Nov 4, 2004
    I'd like to help solely for the reason that I have an SVR-2000 and it also had to be hacked from the start recently.
    One question I have is - why do you need/want a fat partition at all? Is this for storing your backup image? If so I was messing around and backed up my virgin drive to a USB flash drive and it was only 150mb if I remember right!
  4. gardavis

    gardavis Member

    Nov 24, 2001
    Yes, the FAT partition is writable from Linux so after the backup is made, it is easily copied to the FAT partition. Then, back on Windows, you can burn it to a CDROM and tuck it away in a safe place.

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