Help: Directions for Roamio clone to 3TB drive

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    I think the HDD is my Roamio Plus is starting to get some bad sectors. I finally pulled the trigger on a 3TB WD Red on Black Friday. It seems like I need to use MFS Tools to clone the existing drive to the new disk. I can't seem to find directions on how to do it. The current MFS Tools thread is 70 pages, and many years old. Can someone point me to current documentation? It should be pretty simple to hook the drives up to my desktop. I just need help with the proper commands. (I'm a Windows guy, not Linux) Thanks!

    Update: I've got a working MSF tools CD-R. Just need some help with directions.
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    If you don't really need to preserve recordings/passes, just swap the old drive for the new.

    You can still preserve the (non copy-protected) recordings (and use as backup), save passes with a program called KMTTG. Shows can be copied (transferred) back with Pytivo (unless its running v21.+/Hydra [see System Information]))

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