Heavy "Tom/Jodi" 1/17/11

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    I found myself rooting for Tom and finding Jodi a bit annoying with all the crying. She has issues that are going to be trouble in the future. But she did a good job of staying motivated and continuing to lose so kudos for that. Toxic mother, though- good for removing that roadblock from her life.

    Tom's biggest obstacle is his living arrangement with his brothers, one of whom is going to be on this show in another couple of years from the looks of it. They need to get in a gym with him and all work together. But he seems like a decent guy and I hope he makes it.

    Good show, though without much of the manufactured drama of Biggest Looser.
    I do wish they would disclose who is paying what for the camp time- that cannot be cheap.
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    I'm sure it's the show paying/scholarships in trade for publicity. That's how they do the rehabs on Intervention, too, I think.

    I didn't want to watch this-I absolutely HATE Biggest Loser and most of the other weight loss shows. But there wasn't much else on, so I watched it. It wasn't too bad, actually.
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    I liked it well enough. I was a little disappointed that it was only for six months and they they only stayed on the "ranch" for 30 days. They said "complete transformation" and that's not what we got. They looked so much better though and could really move around a lot better, but I love to see people go ALL the way to a healthy weight. That's a true transformation. Six months simply isn't enough time for folks that have 300 or more pounds to lose. I'd love to see them all in another year. Perhaps they will if the show takes off. For now, I'll watch it. Looks like some of the upcoming people aren't quite so huge.
  4. YCantAngieRead

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    But really, this is a more healthy approach, in my opinion. Putting people on a "ranch" and leaving them there for a long period of time, a la Biggest Loser, is not a very healthy or practical way to lose weight and keep the weight off once you get home.

    Remember, this is from the people who brought you Intervention. You don't get to see them sober for a year, either. But they are very, very good about updating you as to where every person is every single time they rerun the show. It's one of the things I like most about it.

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