Heat or Hard Drive?

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  1. AlbertZeroK

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    Sep 19, 2006


    I was having problems with my old HDVR80 upstairs with a 200g drive in it. It was randomly locking up and rebooting while viewing some shows. So I though, hard drive issue. So I upgraded a DSR7000 to dual 320G hard drives to replace my HDVR80. Now I'm having the same issues.

    So I took the DSR7000 down to my workshop and set it up in a different location sitting on my work bench, nothing on or behind it. Same issue.

    Now I take the cover off and put a fan across the second hard drive (installed with a 9thTee 2nd hard drive mount) and it's been fine for 4 days and I can watch a bunch of recorded stuff no problem.

    So the question, could it be a heat issue?

    Or do you think part of the drive is bad and the recordings I've got on the device are over the bad spots on the drive and is therefore masking the problem?

    I've ordered a TwinBreeze bracket for the DSR7000, perhaps that will help with heat?

    Is there any way to perform a test on the drive that is non-destructive for the TIVO Drives that would tell me if the drives are good or not?
  2. Dkerr24

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    Spinrite can do a non-destructive drive test.

    Of course, I'd recommend ditching the dual drive idea. They seem to have a lot more problems with heat and longevity than single drive DTivo units.
  3. wolflord11

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    Jan 16, 2007
    DSR7000's are well known to have a Heat issue.

    You could ditch the Harddrive upgrade idea, and instead look at new cooling fans. :D
  4. John T Smith

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    Jun 17, 2004
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