HDMI Fails on Roamio Plus since recent Update

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by jstarzy, Apr 14, 2016.

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    Since the latest upgrade a few weeks ago, our Roamio Plus HDMI output will intermittently fail on a consistent basis.

    If I wake up the Tivo from sleep mode and view it on our Y-PR-PB connected TV in the kitchen, the Tivo is fine. If we shut off the kitchen TV and go to the Plasma connected TV via a Yamaha AV receiver via HDMI, there is no video signal to the Plasma TV. Power cycling the TV does not restore the signal and this does not appear to be an HDCP issue. The Yamaha is passing other HDMI sources to the Plama just fine.

    However, once failed, restarting the Tivo via the help menu with the Plasma and Yamaha on, immediately restores picture to the Plasma.

    Tivo tech support...can you help? Has anyone else reported this since the last update? I'm about to shut off automatic power save-stand-by as a temporary fix, once I find this feature in the GUI again.

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    Just make getting rid of stand by the permanent fix. Might cost you a dollar a year.

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