HD units that don't require cable card?

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  1. Brez717

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    Pardon my ignorance, but I'm trying to decide about renewing service on my current boxes, vs 'upgrading' units vs the jump to provider DVR...

    I do love TiVo - been a subscriber since 2000 on an original Phillips box (it still worked when upgraded to a S2 in 2007 and I still have it...). Currently have the S2 and a Premiere (purchased and added in 2010). Looking to 'upgrade' the S2 to a box that is HD. Prefer not to have to use a cable card and eliminate my STB.

    Was there an HD capable TiVo unit that did NOT require a cable card? Like to keep a STB for On Demand purposes, etc.

    Service is Verizon FiOS.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. dlfl

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    If you want HD through a TiVo, other than via OTA (i.e., an antenna input) you will have to use a CableCARD -- and on many systems also a Tuning Adapter if you want to get all the HD channels.
  3. unitron

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    It's not the device that determines whether a cable card is needed, it's the cable company.

    If you rent some kind of set top box from them it'll either have a place for a cable card or two or it'll have the equivalent built in. That way, whether it's that, or a TiVo with a cable card or two, there's something in your home that is in their database as connected to your account that talks to the equipment at their head end.

    And the equipment at their head end checks the database to confirm that the level of service for which you are paying, and that you have paid, to see what channels you're allowed to access.

    That way they can shut you off without having to roll a truck to your house to physically disconnect the cable if you don't pay, or change your level of service without having to come out to install or remove filters from the line feeding your house.
  4. cannonz

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    Oct 22, 2011
    The series 3's can get analog without card, but they can't control a box. Most companies only charge 2 to 3$ for cable card, TA if necessary for free, so would not cost much more to keep your STB hooked to your S2 for on demand. Would just lose the $5 or so for not returning STB $8 for STB - $3 for card =$5
  5. Diana Collins

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    We have FiOS with 2 Tivo Roamio Pros. As stated above, the only way to record HD from FiOS is with a cable card. Verizon charges 4.99 per month for a cable card. Verizon is pretty good about getting the card paired but it can take some work to actually order one (you have to call...they can't be ordered online).

    The good news is that there are no tuning adapters on FiOS. We switched back to Tivo last June after 8 years with DirecTV DVRS and we are very happy with our decision. You can keep a STB if on demand is important to you but we find the apps on the Roamio more than compensate.
  6. mr.unnatural

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    Feb 2, 2006
    I've ordered them online before and they sent them overnight. IIRC, it just takes a bit of digging around on their website to find out where to place the order.
  7. mahermusic

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    Comcast gives (at least in MY area) the first cable card for free, and will also give the 2nd for free if it's installed in the same piece of equipment, as in the original Series 3 TiVo, which we have. Actually, they mention the Series 3 as an example of what pieces of equipment would qualify for two, free cable cards, on their website.
  8. mattack

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    You're making a false choice. If for some reason you want to keep your STB, you can keep it, AND use a cable card. You may have to pay an 'additional outlet fee' though.. (That fee should _cover_ the cable card too, though.)

    Also, while it's not true for FiOS, on Comcast, Premiere and above Tivos _can_ get On Demand directly on the Tivo. I use it sporadically, and am glad it's there. (There are various instances where the On Demand shows had NO commercials or they had commercials that were FF-able... That's not true for the broadcast stations, but was true for e.g. "Manhattan", and some cable channels let FF work..)
  9. mr.unnatural

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    Feb 2, 2006
    FIOS does not charge outlet fees. You only get charged for the box or cablecard.

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