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    I am interested if anyone knows of a HD TIVO that works with DirecTV? I called DirectTv and they said they don't have one. I go on eBay and someone was selling a HR10 unit. I googled the HR10 and some website said something like be cautious in buying the unit as you can't gurantee that DirectTv will get me a satellite card to work with the unit. So that led me to believe that if I bought the unit I could have it but possibly not get it hooked up with the satellite? I guess it isn't as simple as taking my existing satellite card and putting it in the front slot?

    Lastly, is it true that the HR10 units are only able to record and they don't come with all the bells and whistles that my two other TIVO's have like transfer recordings from one room to the other? If yes, is their a way to alter it so that it could transfer or is there a website I could go to but and unit just the way I want it?
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    The HR10 is a high def DirecTV DVR with the TiVo interface and can do all that a standalone TiVo can do except it can do two channels at once, but the networking requires some hacking. :) DirecTV will sell you an access card to activate that unit. The only problem you will have is that the HR10 can't record the new MPEG4 HD channels that DirecTV launched recently. It can record OTA stations.
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    I just activated a second HR10-250 unit 2 weeks ago. I bought the unit from a friend called directv to get the card. They will charge you $20 for a new card that they will send to you in a couple of days. Once you get the card you just need to call back D* to activate the unit. Watch your invoice after you activate the unit. In my case D* recorded my newly activated HR10-250 as "Leased" when I purchased the unit myself.
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    How can they do that? Isn't that unit yours? If it's the card, send the card back and keep the unit. Unless the unit was designated as a lease in the first place.
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    Think of buying a used DVR like you are buying a second-hand computer because that is really what a DVR is.

    Hard drives and electronics can fail but also there have been stories of people buying a used DIRECTV receiver that had outstanding charges tied to that unit's ID. The previous owner's charges have to be paid, if there are any, before the unit can be activated. Also, if the previous owner had leased the HR10, you will have bought his lease.

    If you buy second-hand electronics, make sure you buy from a reputable seller.

    Also will you at some point wish you had the other 70 HD channels? You pay the same monthly HD Access fee of $10, DVR fee of $6, and same package prices for the HD channels. If you go with the HR10 you can pay for 65 HD channels but will only get at most 13 satellite HD channels (plus OTA).

    Six months ago used HR10's were $400. In August they were $200. Today if you check eBay you will find many going for around $100-125.

    If you wait another couple of weeks, you may see a flood of HR10's come onto the market as HR10 users realize that their HD receiver can't get the new HD channels.

    - Craig

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