hd tivo MAJOR price drop today

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by suncom3, Aug 13, 2005.

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    Arggg New Member

    Aug 15, 2005


    Regarding the recent HD offers... I would just like to say how disgusted I am that some people will go to such lengths and lie almost uncontrollably to receive a "good deal" from DirecTV. This not only dissrespects the company and its representatives whom you're speaking with, but also goes to show a persons true character - low and cheap. I would in turn like to thank the many people out there who don't abuse the system and realize that politness and honesty will carry you further than you might think.
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    ericblair84 New Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    I was polite when I called--SYLVIA told me I was the victim of internet misinformation when I got through explaining what I was asking about. It was her attitude that upset me. I've gotten good deals from Directv before, but also have given them plenty of money over the years.

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    kturcotte Active Member

    Dec 8, 2002
    Portland, ME
    I didn't lie, or bring up the words cable, Dish Network, or cancel at all. I just stated that I read on the internet that some people were getting HD DVRs for really cheap, and was offered 2 prices-$499, or $299 (Guess which one I picked lol).
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    Phil T

    Phil T Well-Known Member

    Oct 29, 2003
    I agree about being polite!

    When I called I mentioned I had a two year anniversary coming up and had herd about a special deal. The CSR said what deal did you here about? I told her $299 plus credits to make the HD DVR almost free. I asked her if I qualified.

    She offered $299 plus shipping and handling, $100 programming credit and $100 rebate.
    I said that is not free. She then offered the $5.00 off TC+,$5.00 off HD pack, 6 months free Showtime and to wave the shipping and handling.

    I quit and took the offer at that point. When she was writing up the order she said that you basically can get anything you ask for!

    I have TC+, and the HD pack only. I am on credit card auto pay. I have 2 SD DirecTivos and a Samsung 360. This will allow me to retire one of the Tivos and the Samsung and save $5.00 per month.

    I am very happy with the retention deals from DirecTV. I had Dish for 6 years and never got any simular equipment or programming deals. I will stay with DirecTV as long as they continue to offer these type of deals. :)
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    JWG New Member

    Jun 8, 2005


    I don't think most people are lying or "cheating" this time around. I read this thread, called and said: "I hear there's a deal for current customers, HD TiVO for $299?" The CSR said "Yes, are you interested?" My response was, "Well, a few weeks ago I was told I could get a $150 equipment credit if I purchased, is that still valid?" She again said "Yes.". My response, "... and the rebate?" with her saying, "You would qualify for the rebate as well."

    So I purchased. Didn't lie, didn't threaten to leave, didn't mention any other deals, didn't say I was owed anything, didn't offer a sob story about paying this or that... very nice CSR, wish I would have asked her name.

    I'm a TC subscriber (no extras) and get ST each year. That's it. I canceled TC+ after the last price increase deciding VH1-Classis and Boomerang weren't worth it.

    We did have a good laugh over her not being able to get my phone number right, I must have repeated it 5 times, maybe she just was in a good mood. Who knows. Who cares. Truth is, I feel about this as I do my co-workers. There are people who get paid more than me who probably shouldn't... but good for them for negotiating the better deal. Shame on me for not.

    Oh, for those wondering about account status to get the deal, as I mentioned:
    TC only
    ST each year
    1 HDVR2 (Hughes) activated on account
    1 R10 activated on account (just got free with equipment credit 3 weeks ago)
    1 Pioneer 5500 no long activated
    Have been a customer since 8/2003 (2 years)

    3 weeks ago received:
    R10 free with credit and free installation (no shipping) with a 1 yr. contract.

    2-3 months ago received:
    Showtime free for 6 months and $5 off my bill for 6 months (this was in response to my inquiring about a billing change in the middle of my yearly agreement).

    I think it really depends on the CSR, their mood, and your conversation. Getting them to laugh or making some small talk certainly seemed to help today.
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    bidger Active Member

    Mar 30, 2001
    Elmira, NY
    The thing is Sylvia wasn't your last resort. If you're told no, say "Good Night" and hang up. Decide if you want to call right back or wait, but either way try again. Keep trying until you find a CSR who is aware of the deal. It's unfortunate, but you have to be prepared to play the game.
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    murphie New Member

    Feb 24, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Called retention and got lucky. I told them that I felt taken that I purchased the HD DVR last month before the price drop. I said that I read online that they were now going for $299 - $100 rebate. I asked if there was anything they could do for me. The women they said that she could give me a $200 credit. I said thanks and it is now on my account. Give them a call you may just get lucky like me.
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    murphie New Member

    Feb 24, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Oh, by the way, I did not bring up the BB coupon, nor was I asked about it. I was also given the $250.00 retention credit and all of those programming deals less than a month ago as well. Needless to say I am a happy customer today! :up:
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    cmeinck Member

    Sep 18, 2003
    I called and was honest. I said, "I just paid $599 from Best Buy and I hear folks are getting it for $299". He said that's a special offer and some people qualified. He said I qualified and that it was up to me if I returned to BB. He then said he would note my account and that I shouldn't have a problem getting the $299 deal. I asked if I could get it tonight and sure enough. Yet another HD Tivo is coming for $299 with $100 MIR. He mentioned it comes with a 2 year committment. I gladly accepted. He mentioned that you're allowed (1) $100 MIR per year and wasn't sure if the BB rebate was different from the D* rebate. If I were able to get the BB rebate, then I'd probably considering keeping both.

    Anyone know if the D* rebate is different from the BB rebate?

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    DinoT New Member

    May 3, 2000
    For those folks that are using different addresses......

    I am in the same boat. I live outside of Baltimore and use my mothers address (a few miles south of me) in order to get Wash DC locals. (If I were a few miles further south I would qualify for DC locals.....cable company offers both locals)

    Anyways.....I have done this numerous times. Usually I call up to get whatever receiver special they are running. I have the rep change my address to my real address and they "schedule" the install. After I am done with the call, I call back and have the next rep change my address back to mom's address. I am 3-1 with this technique. One time though the installer showed up at mom's, while I am waiting for him a tmy house. Mom calls me up and says that there is a DirecTV guy at the door to do an install. I have her hand him the phone. I explain that I have just moved and setup the equipment myself. I ask him to leave the receiver with mom and I would install it. He was more than happy to not have to do an install. (Even if they came to my home, I would never allow them to touch any of my equipment. I am anal like that)

    Worst case scenario. I change my address and leave it setup to my real address. I can easily get all the DC locals via my OTA antenna for my HDTV's. When they deliver it I will call back to change my address. I could live with Baltimore locals for a few days on my SD Tivo.

    Oh and for those that are trying to nickel and dime DTV for every possible discount.....I have 2 HDTivo's that I bought upon release for $1000/each. Ouch....

    Oh well I have 3 more HDTV's with regular HD tuners on them.....maybe I'll jump on this deal.
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    Arggg New Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    You do realize this is illegal and against FCC regulations, right? You also realize the penalties associated with this lie?
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    CTLesq Active Member

    Jan 19, 2003
    SF Bay
    First, thank you and everyone else who tried to help me out by responding.

    Welcome to the first purchase in YEARS I didn't make on AmEx.

    I am SO annoyed.

    I don't know that in good faith I could do that to the vendor. I have vonage and they were good enough to help me out by initializing the unit over a "real" phone line. They helped me out.

    You think? Even after they gave me 250?
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    sda3 TiVo Fanatic

    Jun 29, 2004
    SLC, UT
    I called D* today and got the deal with no hassle at all. All I told them was that I had the HD package for a year and just recently canceled it because I didn't use my D* HD tuner that much because I missed having the Tivo functions. My living room I have a DSR-704 and Samsung sir-ts360. I told her that I had been considering buying a HD Tivo and was wondering if there were any offers on it. She told me that I was a valued customer and that I could get it for $299 and a $100 rebate. She told me that it was better than their employee discount was. Then I asked her which call center she was in because i live in Salt Lake city and one of their centers is here and one in Boise. She was in Boise and we talked about BSU and Salt Lake a little while she put the deal through. I asked her if their were any programming credits available and she said that she could give me the HD pkg for $5 off for 6 months, free showtime and HBO for 6 months at $2 a month. So i said sure, she also told me that they would do a free install and relocate my 704 to my bedroom and run a second line. So to sum it up...

    $299 HR10-250
    -$100 rebate
    $0 showtime (6 months) I have been getting it free for 3 months from an anniversary promo
    $2 HBO (6 months)
    -$5 HD pkg (6 months)

    For your info, Ive only been a subscriber for 15 months with TC+ and I had the HD pgk till last week. I have 3 recievers, a SD Tivo, an HD, and a SD box. My bill with the HD pkg was about $70. So I am pretty mainstream. Just be nice and and have a good conversation and they will help you out, thanks to the CSR - Lisa.
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    topcats69 Master Lover:)

    Jul 19, 2004
    can you make payments on your bill like 50/mo ?? or pay all at once??
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    nodeal New Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    "I think alot has to do with your attitude and your willingness to work with the rep. "

    "Being polite and just asking what you want without threats is what works."

    "Be polite."

    "I agree about being polite!"

    "If you're told no, say "Good Night" and hang up."

    Ok, there are a bunch of bad customer support sympathizers out there blaming the deal seekers for the bad results. This upsets me more than my experience with Directv today.

    Yes, I cancelled my entire service over this.

    No, I was not rude. Three phone calls, first two perfectly friendly, jovial, and appreciative. I just reached reps who apparenetly had no clue the first two tries. Not necessarily their fault. Completely dismissing Directv for this obliviousness is, however, pathetic. My fatefull third call started no different than the first two, I was spinning the wheel again. Quite frankly, could have cared less whether this deal had ever been available, was interested, but was not a big deal whether I could get it or not. In fact, would rather I had never tried and still had service tonight.

    Sure, you will allways catch more flies with honey, but one should not not have to suck up to get a common deal. We are paying customers and should not have to suck up for a deal, its either available or not. There is a distinction between being polite, being professional, and kissing anothers back side. In this scenario, polite or professional should be more than sufficient. Professional on our side is more than has been experienced by everyone in this thread from the Directv side, as it has taken more than one call on average to get this promotion in any flavor. If anyone should be kissing butt, it is the "customer retention" staff.

    It has been said again and again here without any criticism, keep trying till you find someone who is aware of the $300 plus $100 rebate deal. I found one, and would have been content, not happy, but content with the $200 deal and taken it.

    Simple fact of the matter, just as there are reps who are unaware of the promotion, there are reps who are even worse than unaware. They are positively rude and pathetic. Mine knew of the deal, but from the very first sentence after "How can I help you?" was rude, defensive, personal, and lied about well known facts.

    I had a customer service rep, a "customer retention" rep no less, who took it personaly that anyone would dare ask about a discount beyond the mail in rebate. A customer retention rep who took great satisfaction in cancelling my account. Pretty much the exact antithesis of her job description.

    If your trying or thinking about trying, go for it. Just talked two friends into trying it even after my experience. I wish the best for you.

    I am not encouraging anyone to cancel their subscriptions. I am simply stating the fact that I had an extremely rude, defensive, and abusive customer service rep, that regardless of the situation would mandate nothing less than my cancellation. Hanging up and trying the next rep is accepting and dismissing of totally inappropriate behavior of a company employee of whom I am paying good money for service. Doing anything else would be a disservice to everyone on this forum, as it only encourages more of the same.

    Stop putting up with incompetence, you will only get more of the same.

    Quit the apologizing for Directv and blame the customer BS. At least one rep is grossly incompetent and deserves whatever she gets as a result. Your mileage may, and probably will, vary.

    Those of us who have had to resort to the extreme should be getting praise not criticism. If your next deal goes smoother, it is us you can thank, the ones with a spine to take a stand against pathetic service.

    Good luck. Hang up on anyone who says "Hello, this is Elizabeth". Don't accept outwardly hostile service. Enjoy your new toys. And stop trying to blame the customer for worse than crappy service.

    /soap box mode off/
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    jlib Lean Forward

    Nov 21, 2002
    I'll bet if you called back and tell them you had a customer service experience that was so bad it caused you to cancel your service they would set you back up as if nothing happened and give you the deal to boot.

    I can't seem to get the $100/$150 instant programming credit no matter what I try. I think you have to have had that indicated on your account from the last promotion when they did have that credit. It is not worth a 2 year commitment for me unless it is essentially free since I don't want to swap to the non-TiVo and I don't even have an HDTV yet. Funny how even though it is almost free, the fact that I couldn't "sport grind" another $100 out of them demotivated me to go for it. I'm probably following TiVo to Comcast (new fiber infrastructure in my neighborhood) anyway so best to be unburdened.

    But anyone can get the $299 - $100MIR + various programing credits with absolutely no problem (assuming you have a stable history). Just ask for it. You don't have to fabricate anything. Also, the price and MIR are good till end of December or until product is exhausted so no rush. It is a great deal even at $199.
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    rickmccamy DNS Breaker

    Jan 22, 2005
    Ok, up late working on a design, then started reading this thread. Called retention at around 3:15 pdt , got Dana, "Yes I can offer you a HDTIvo for $549 with a $100 MIR". " You don't show a $299 deal?" "No, those people must be buying it a another online site". Thank You Bye. Called back 5 minutes later got Tim, "Yes we have quite a deal going, $299 with a $100 MIR", any other goodies, I asked greedily?, No just the HD tivo for $200. I decided that I was breaking one of my rules that involve not buying things at three in the morning and I would sleep on it. Good Night.

    Of course I am getting Sunday Ticket for $58....
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    johnzonie New Member

    May 13, 2002

    Just a quick not to thank all who contributed to the early warning on the price drop. I had ordered the HR10-350 through an outside company for $579 but it had not been delivered yet. Yesterday, Retention said to refuse the delivery, which I did. I then got a $215 credit, the $100 rebate and 6 mo. of HD at $5.99. The install is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

    Thanks again!
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    Philly Bill

    Philly Bill Everyday is Saturday

    Oct 6, 2004

    Isn't EVERYONE dropping a C-note everymonth?? LOL LOL!!!

    I WISH it only averaged out to a C-note a month! :)
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    gfoulks New Member

    Apr 14, 2003
    nope - $65 a month is about what I average.

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