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  1. hybucket

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    Nov 26, 2004


    WIth the new MPEG 4, anyone know if DTV will be expanding their local HD service? Right now, where I am in Boston, they only have the four big network locals in HD, none of the PBS stations or CW or MyNetwork, or whatever they're calling it this week.
  2. Jon J

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    Aug 23, 2000
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    LIL expansion via spotbeams on the new D10 satellite was planned. There appears to be some problem with the spotbeams. Much expansion may have to wait for D11 due to launch early next year. Who knows?
  3. fjwagner

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    Jan 22, 2006
    Houston, Tx
    a very good reason to use an antenna. You should be able to get all of your digital broadcasts and not be at the mercy of DTV.

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