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    I've been having a problem for a while where my HD-DirecTiVo will fail to record the first minute or so of a program.

    Today I was checking what was being recorded, and Smallville and True Music were both supposed to have been being recorded, but they weren't.

    In addition, when I selected the most recent recording (which happened to be the HDNet presentation of Quigley Down Under) it wouldn't show the details, but jumped back to the main menu. Once I played a little piece of the movie, I was able to then select it and see the details.

    A few seconds later it started recording the two shows it had already missed the first 25 minutes of.

    Then I noticed that it had failed to record some programs since the time it recorded Quigley. I went to the Recording History and picked one, Jeopardy, which said "Not Recorded", and selected it to get it to tell me why it failed to record, at which point it rebooted.

    It also seems exceptionally slow, often taking 20 seconds to go back to the main menu from playing a recorded show. I don't know if that's to be expected, not related to my other problems, or important information.

    There's obviously something wrong, and I'd appreciate some help in figuring out what. I posted this at the official DirecTV forums, too. Don't know why I didn't think to post here first.

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