HD Antenna and Signal Questions

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  1. tgr131

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    May 23, 2001


    I'd like to get HD. I don't want to put up a huge antenna. AntennaWeb says I need a medium directional.

    I was thinking about buying this Radio Shack Receiver for $69, an antenna or two, and testing to see if Antenna Web was accurate about what I need, or if by some fluke, I can get great reception with less (like an indoor model :rolleyes: ).

    If I can get decent signal, I'd probably go ahead and buy the HD Tivo unit from D*.

    I guess what I'm looking for from you guys is to validate my plan, or expose the flaws in my logic. Be kind! I bruise easily. :)

  2. rlj5242

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    Dec 20, 2000
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    Save your money and check out the Local HDTV section at the parent forum, AVS. Find your city to see what others in your area use. You may get lucky and find a neighbor that has gone through all the trial and error to get good reception.

  3. newsposter

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    Distance and topography are key. So is the direction of your towers. Are they all generally the same place? That's a must for you to even begin to think about OTA. It's not that it can't be done if they are different, just more difficult. A few degrees wont matter FYI.

    I'd say try anything that is easily returnable, you just have time and gas to lose :)

    I've had good success with a DB8 from antennasdirect but it's 99 bucks and you have to order it. Channelmaster 4228 is a good substitute at 1/2 the price if you can find it locally. This assumes you only need UHF. That's the other thing I forgot to ask
  4. NatasNJ

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    Jan 7, 2002
    I bought a cheap HDTV antenna from Radioshack. Hooked up IN my basement I am able to get all my local channels in HD. This is in my basement and not ANYWHERE near a window.

    The only issue is that the antenna won't pick up all channels from one angle. If I move it a little one way I get 3, 6 17 & 57. If I move the other way I get 29 & 6. If I move it the other way I get 10. So it is not a perfect solution for me. I plan to mount one on roof for a better more reliable signal for all channels. Plus if you walk in front of my antenna it scrambles the picture. FUN!. :)

    Point is I can almost get everything from an indoor antenna in a BAD location in my house. And I will return antenna once I get roof one installed.
  5. super dave

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    Oct 1, 2002
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    I picked up the Terk HDTVi at Circuit City last week. It is an indoor directional antenna, good for around 20 miles. I'm at 15. I get a signal at 95-98% for CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, UPN, PBS and around 88% for WB.

    I have a 50" Sony LCD set and wanted to see how good it really is. The picture is amazing with a simple antenna, much better than anything DTV gives me, but that is a given. I am free of my movers commitment in June, so I want to use HDTV, but not make any real choices now. It does stink watching "live" TV again, but the picture quality makes it worth it.

    I am at a crossroad when it comes to DTV. Their HD offerings and the compression they use are pathetic compared to Dish and Comcast. The new lease plan coming in and the 2 year commitment is something I am not ready for. My neighbor has Dish so I can play around and see what it offers, Comcast does not make you commit so I can try them for myself, if it comes to that. My FIL has the Comcast HD so I have toyed with it, great stuff.

    I just don't like where DTV is heading to give tehm 2 years right now.

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