HBO lineup not showing times/shows correctly in Tivo Guide (Comcast)

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    Resolved. Can't figure out how to delete. (Sorry)

    I have a Premiere XL4. For about a couple of weeks now, the guide for HBO has not been correct. (All other channels seem to be fine.) The guide (or programming) seems off by 30-90 minutes. I can connect to the Tivo servers fine for updates, but it does not fix the delay. I live in Seattle -- I am seeing (comically, I might add) Emergency Alerts for Orleans, NY. The emergency alert shows the correct time. The other channels on my Comcast package seem to be fine as far as I can tell -- but I'm becoming less patient every day as I'm scrolling through what might be on to only find that it is not recording shows correctly, or the guide is wrong.

    After finding this thread: I rebooted my Tivo, had my modem reset by Comcast (I have no equipment through Comcast, so I don't know if this made a difference). Anyways, I believe it may have had to do with the VCM connection, which had not been updated since 12/31 when I had created this post (see below). After the reboot of my Tivo, I forced a connection again and it updated the date on the VCM connection -- which appears to have fixed the guide info for HBO as "The Hammer" is ending right now at the correct time.

    Mods please feel free to delete if deemed unhelpful to the community.

    System Information:
    Tivo Series4
    Software version 20.5.2a-01-2-758 (unchanged in 2nd forced connection)
    VCM Connection: Last attempt 1/14/16 4:06am (successful) -- previously was 12/31/15 at 4pm -- so maybe that fixed it?
    Opt Status: Opt In (?)
    HD Menu Software Version: N/A
    Daylight saving: Standard Time
    Program Information To: Tuesday, January 26, 2016
    Collab Slice Version CP_Standard_t2 v.266
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