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    SPOILERS OKAY in thread -- fair warning

    I'm not a huge fan of police procedurals, but I've at least been able to watch and keep up with this new series. The storylines while not great are at least okay to decent.

    I like the cast. The lead guy is decent, and I remember him from The Shield. I didn't realize that Dano was the son of James Caan. Daniel Day Kim from Lost is good, as is Grace Park, formerly of Battlestar Galactica. Now, they added Tara Manning (Cherry from Sons of Anarchy) and in the latest episode, Hiro from Heroes as the quirky ME.

    The music theme for the series is still great after all these years. And, the setting and scene shots are really good.

    I ran across an interesting article which placed this series as the best overall of the new series based on a combination of critical reviews and overall ratings, admittedly though in a very weak season for new shows.

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    I hadn't realized that Alex O'Loughlin started his US TV career on "The Shield." Huh.

    (cue music) The more you know...

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