Hawaii 5-0, Season Finale **SPOILERS**

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    Hi ALL,

    Yes I know this revision of H 5-0 is not the greatest in the world, and this McGarrett is some kind of super cop that can do EVERYTHING! But its still not too bad in an action movie kind of way.

    This season finale really has a lot of cliff hangers:

    1. Shellbourn (sp?) is really McGarrett's mother.
    2. Kono was thrown over board and may be drowning.
    3. Chin Ho's wife (the always nice to see Reiko Aylesworth!!) was shot and may be dying.
    4. Danno has to fight a custody hearing to prevent his daughter from leaving.

    Was there anything else? Did I foget anything?

    It should be interesting to see how it all turns out as I assume it was renewed for another season. Can anyone confirm that its renewed?

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    H50 was renewed a while ago.

    There is a really bad guy loose now because Chin let him escape. THAT will have far-reaching repercussions. I think he chose his wife, because the bad guy said that Kono was on a boat, so he banked on them throwing her overboard. She is a very good swimmer, and will likely be able to survive. I know it LOOKS like she's drowning, but I think she is waiting for the killer to leave before she comes to the surface.

    They sure didn't have a long plot about the killer of the police chief, and bomber of the police station. McGarrett made short work of her. Wouldn't stopping so many bullets have given him some serious non lethal inguries? Maybe not with McGarrett.:)
  3. Sadara

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    I didn't enjoy the season finale. McGarrett's character is so over the top for me. I liked the show more the few episodes that this character was missing for. He could go away from the show forever and I would be ok with that.

    I doubt that Kono drowns, she's a surfer and I would assume and excellent swimmer. She could easily get out of her duct tape, even had a long discussion with my husband about that.

    But, over all plot wise, didn't enjoy this season finale.
  4. Idearat

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    When I see characters who might or might not survive a season finale my cynical self wonders if their contracts were up for renewal at the time it was shot.

    The escape via the police station was pretty ballsy, though the doubled-over girl I took for the shooter right away. We new the killer was slight of build and running everywhere with the hoodie on seemed like they were trying to hide something from us.

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