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    Hi All,

    I moved my Tivo HD to the bedroom when I upgraded to Tivo Premiere. I live in Los Angeles, and my brother is in the military (right now stationed in Colorado). He wants to watch Lakers games via a HAVA I used to have hooked up to my Tivo HD.

    The Bedroom TV is an old CRT TV with no HDMI input. I have Tivo connected to the TV via A/V (red, yellow, white) cables. How can I connect the HAVA to the Tivo to get it Audio and Video?

    The inputs on the back of the TIVO are:
    S Video
    A/V (in use sending audio and video to the TV)

    The inputs on the back of the HAVA are:
    A/V in
    HD in
    S-Video in
    HD out
    A/V out

    The HAVA came with 1 cable that is A/V on one end, and 1/8" on the other (which fits in either HAVA A/V in or HD in), and 1 cable that is Component on one end and the same 1/8" on the other.


    Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  2. aaronwt

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    USe either the cable with component inputs or the cable with the composite inputs. I have both cables going from my TiVo Premiere to my Hava. And before the Premiere I was doing the same with a TiVoHD.

    Just get an RCA splitter. This is what I'm using to split the composite(yellow) and stereo(Red and white) outputs of the TiVo. I split it between the Hava and a DVD burner. It works fine that way.

    Something like this

    or this


    will work fine for splitting the audio and video outputs.

    Although in my use I only use the Hava to stream over the internet or occasionally stream over my internal network. This setup has worked great for my use.

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