Has reactivating a Tivo Bolt prices changed?

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  1. ukwildcat4life

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    Hello everyone. I have owned a Tivo Bolt for about 5 years but had not used it since 2019.

    Long story short my current TV provider just dropped a local primetime channel and I wanted to reactivate my bolt and use it over the air to get my local NBC but whenever I logged into my Tivo account and got to the reactivation page it only gives me two options: 1. $150 for an annual subscription and 2. $549.99 for an all in service.

    Last year this same problem occurred when one of my prime time channels was dropped from my TV provider and I was able to reactivate my Tivo Bolt for $14.99 a month with no commitment ....has this changed? does Tivo no longer offer this cheaper option? any advice or input greatly appreciate.
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    call customer service.
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  3. ukwildcat4life

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    Apr 13, 2014

    Thanks! that's what I end up doing and was able to get my service for $14.99 per month. Just kinda odd that the option had disappeared within my account and that it required calling them.
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    Since you made the decision to call, were there other offers presented, did you ask? I'd have thought that @ 5 years there would have been other options.
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    Is your TV provider Dish? If so (the Dish vs Nexstar dispute), you can get an approved USB OTA dual tuner adapter (you can call Dish and it may be free as well as a FREE OTA antenna a possibility) that can integrate the local OTA channel on the guide along with EPG data for the OTA channel and select to view or record just like all other channels. The USB OTA dual tuner is for puchase at their website or a local reatailer. The USB OTA is only supported on the Hopper line, and I think the Wally, possibley Duo DVR's at the least (there may be a few more). However all the older now considered legacy boxes can not use the USB OTA dual tuner adapter.

    FWIW I still my local that was denided access to Dish by using the USB OTA dual tuner adapter and data is on the EPG and able to watch and record.

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