Has anyone used SATA hard drives on the Series 2 DirecTivo boxes

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    I have several Series 2 DirecTivo boxes. All are either HDVR-2 or SD-DVR40s.

    Both of these types are basically Linux boxes with PATA/IDE hard drive interfaces. The hard drives on these machines usually last about 3 yrs so I have to replace them.

    I bought 320GB PATA hard drives, baked InstantCake on them, then used the hard drives on the DTV boxes.

    However, about Sept. of this year, PATA drives are going out of stock (trying buying them online). They are more expensive than 320GB SATA drives (about $30 more).

    There are SATA-to-PATA converter cables that you can use. Has anyone tried using a SATA drive with these converter cables on a Series 2 HDVR2 or SDDVR40 boxes? If you have, could you tell me if you've had any problems with them?

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    Read this thread


    short version, S2s need a Marvell or JMicron chipset adapter.

    But read the thread.

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