Harmony One w/2 TiVoHD's

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    Sep 27, 2007
    I just got a second TiVoHD so I set the remote code of my first HD to 1 and the new HD to 2. I found that my Harmony One was controlling both HD's simultaneously. Obviously using remote code 0.

    Reprogramming the Harmony One going through the code 'learning' where it asks to 'learn' the codes for Pwr, Up Arrow, and Select, didn't help and it was quite difficult to get the Harmony One to 'read' the codes.

    I contacted harmony support by email saying that I wanted my TiVo 1 device to only control my HD with remote code 1, and my TiVo 2 device to control my HD with remote code 2. They made the changes in about a day and the changes worked fine, but...

    The default TiVo program has the Harmony 'Menu' and 'Exit' buttons empty and the important TiVo buttons 'TiVo' and 'Live TV' buttons assigned to buttons on the touch screen. I had programmed 'TiVo' to the Harmony 'Menu' button and 'Live TV' to the Harmony 'Exit' button.

    After Harmony support programmed my TiVo devices for the correct remote code, the 'Menu' and 'Exit' buttons were blank, like the default program. When I programmed them to 'TiVo' and 'Live TV', neither button would affect the TiVo. Also, the default TiVo program maps the TiVo 'Clear' button to the Hamony One '+' button. Now this button doesn't do anything either.

    Has anyone else solved this problem?

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