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    Good evening,
    After many suggestions and reviews on the website I have purchased and am setting up the 880 remote..was fairly easy..even for me :) The one question I had..one question for now anyways...after setting up the remote and removing it from my usb and bringing it to my tv setup I noticed that it didn't switch the tv inputs to the right place and with help it found the right ones. Everytime I now connect my remote to the usb cable will it now reset it to the wrong tv input? On the tv setup it didn't list the correct labels that my tv has for inputs so I changed them a bit. Just curious. Also, is there a way to speed up the changes it makes in inputs from tivo to dvd without the slow cycle between?


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    Not quite sure what you are referring to, but here are two thoughts. One, be sure to keep the remote pointed at the TV until everything is on and set correctly. Two, the help line for Harmony is incredibly, well, helpful. Give them, a call. They will work with you however long it takes to get the remote working right. They can change set up for you, adjust timings, etc. and they will wait on the phone with you while you upload the changes and test them.
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    Your question can be better answered by the folks over at 'RemoteCentral' (do a Google search).

    There is a Harmony/Logitech remote section on that site where someone can help you out.
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    I know this is off topic for this forum, but I hope this can help.

    For my Sony TV, I had a similar problem. I fixed it by finding some advanced setup page on the Harmony web site that let me indicate exactly which TV inputs I have, and for each one whether I had removed it from the NextInput rotation. But there turned out to be an even better fix. The Harmony database included signals like InputVideo1 or InputVideo2 that let you jump directly to a specific input, even though the TV remote only had a NextInput type button. Maybe one of these approaches will help.

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