Harley and the Davidsons: Discovery Mini-series - spoilers

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by terpfan1980, Sep 6, 2016.

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    I watched the first part (it airs over 3 nights) of this mini-series last night and enjoyed it -- except for the Discovery "bug" (logo) in the corner being annoying, and the pop-ups and other promotional displays being annoying as well.

    They seemed to have done an excellent job getting things right for the period, and getting the motorcycles that they recreated from that era right. Reportedly they put a lot of work into creating many replica motorcycles so they could really have it show things as they were.

    It reminded me a bit of another show that was airing on Velocity and/or TLC and Discovery (What's in the Barn?, with a family that was running a motorcycle museum that had a lot of older bikes that were being well cared for and kept on display).

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