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Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by cjgadd3, Dec 20, 2020.

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    I have a Roamio Plus with the original drive that just turned 5 years old. It is a lifetimed unit and I am considering getting a new hard drive just to be prepared if the one in it croaks. What is the best one to use? I am looking at the WD10PURZ at Newegg. I really don't need a bigger drive. The only other Tivo drive I've replaced was a 160 GB in a HD. Do I need to do anything to the drive like format or anything? Is it just install and let Tivo do it's thing? All tips welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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    Back up your OnePasses and Channels list with KMTTG to make setup on the new drive simple.

    Also, there's like 999 threads about that topic.

    Check the Upgrades Forum.

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    Why not just upgrade to a 3TB and be done with it. You do not need to do anything to it as the Roamio will prepare it on its own. Look for WD drives ending in EFRX or PURZ. avoid EFAX or any SMR type drives (doesn't work in Tivo).
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    Go with the 3TB. It's nice to have the surge capacity for Olympics or other special events. I have a 3TB in my Roamio OTA, it's great, even though I'm now in the single-digit percentage full.

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