Guide info even worse than usual!

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by imagexpo, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. imagexpo

    imagexpo Member

    Apr 16, 2015


    Is everyone at Tivo out with covid? Half the shows in guide are wrong or listed as 'Discovery Programming', 'History channel Programming', etc. My daily downloads are up to date but guide info is wrong.

    Here in southern California Spectrum, Discovery is especially bad. Many shows have no description and are listed as 'Discovery channel programming.'

    The worst I've ever seen is on other channels where the shows listed are completely wrong. Case in point was 'Southland' on PBS. The decription was of the old 'Southland cop series'. The actual show was completely different about culture in southern Cal. This was two weeks in a row.

    What are we paying for? I have to find an alternative.
  2. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    I see that for some in the future.. do you mean for VERY soon programs?
  3. cwerdna

    cwerdna Proud Tivolutionary

    Feb 22, 2001
    SF Bay Area, CA
    I noticed that last night here in the Bay Area. Comcast is my cable provider.
  4. TKnight206

    TKnight206 Active Member

    Oct 20, 2016
    Was it ever this bad under Gracenote?
  5. cwerdna

    cwerdna Proud Tivolutionary

    Feb 22, 2001
    SF Bay Area, CA


    Don't think so. (Been a TiVo user since 2001.)

    With this crap data, on some channels esp. the less popular/non-network ones, what's actually recorded by suggestions vs. what it supposedly is in the now playing list is sometimes WAY WAY off with it being totally the wrong show or movie.
  6. Dan203

    Dan203 Super Moderator Staff Member TCF Club

    Apr 17, 2000
    Was called Tribune back then. And the answer is no. There was an immediate drop in the quality of data as soon as they switched to Rovi, even before they announced they were being bought out by them. It's never gotten any better even after the buyout and takeover.
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  7. jmilender

    jmilender New Member

    Apr 29, 2003
    I have a Season Pass for the CBS Evening News. It did not record last night because the guide said something like "CBS Programming" instead of CBS Evening News.
  8. EWiser

    EWiser Active Member

    Oct 2, 2008
    Did not record Morning Joe this morning guide data said “ To Be Announced. This on News channel that always has the same shows on every day of the week.
  9. lhvetinari

    lhvetinari Ambassador to the City of Chicago TCF Club

    Jun 24, 2019
    OK, glad weird MSNBC isn't just me. There's a big block of TBA tonight, so my Rachel Maddow SP probably won't work either.
  10. JoeKustra

    JoeKustra in the other Alabama TCF Club

    Dec 7, 2012
    Ashland, PA...
    I think the guide gremlins just hate MSNBC. The ReidOut has yesterday's date and it's flagged as a repeat for the rest of the week. Next week looks ok so far.

    They have also changed from the standard YYYY season number. That and the episode numbers are gone. This could be a new thing since using the year was stupid anyhow. And no TBA tonight on my feed.
  11. TKnight206

    TKnight206 Active Member

    Oct 20, 2016
    Season 2020... it's so old it's Biblical!

    Should we start calling in and complaining until this is dealt with? It's ridiculous that we've spent all this money and then a company comes along, buys TiVo, and degrades the guide quality.
  12. ManeJon

    ManeJon Active Member

    Apr 14, 2018
    Worse??? It is the worst thing about TIVO. I've had regular cable, UVERSE, DIRECTV and this is the worst guide and has been for the several years. Not only wrong information but saying NEW when it is repeats of old shows. I constantly have to make sure it is recording what I want and getting rid of stuff I don't want because repeats.
  13. dishrich

    dishrich Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    Springfield, IL
    Even thru yesterday, they never got last night's Regis Philben special@7PM CT updated; instead it remained as (2) Modern Family reruns...meantime, the other guys had it updated at least 3 days earlier...RIDICULOUS!!! :mad:

    And HELL NO, Gracenote/Tribune, etc, was NEVER, EVER this horrible!!!
  14. TKnight206

    TKnight206 Active Member

    Oct 20, 2016
    Or the permutations of 11-minute cartoons in a 30 minute slot resulting in a false new listing.
  15. Mr Tony

    Mr Tony formerly known as "unclehonkey"

    Dec 20, 2012
    Mankato, MN
    I have a 1p for it also and it recorded fine for me so must be your local affiliate guide info
  16. KDeFlane

    KDeFlane Active Member

    Jan 29, 2014
    Silicon Valley
    i had large gaps of generic network "programming" placeholders on CNN and MSNBC yesterday, but this morning's connection fixed them. (I'm on TE3)
  17. cwerdna

    cwerdna Proud Tivolutionary

    Feb 22, 2001
    SF Bay Area, CA
    On Tuesday, ABC was going to have a coronavirus special at 9 pm Pacific. There was a placeholder at 9 pm for something generic. I set it to record.

    I then forced a connection to hopefully "fix" things. Nope. That made it worse! It didn't record that show at 9 pm and I didn't know until 9:50 pm (10 minutes left) when I flipped on the TV. And, there was a guide data gap for 9 pm to 10 pm w/no show in between. (No. Modern Family did not run from 8:30 pm to 10 pm.)

    On the left side of the guide was an entry w/only a NEW icon and no title.
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  18. lhvetinari

    lhvetinari Ambassador to the City of Chicago TCF Club

    Jun 24, 2019
    I put no real stock in their season/episode numbering - today, for the two new episodes of Court Cam on A&E (s2e6&7) one is labelled S1e11 and the other one’s just blank.

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  19. CommunityMember

    CommunityMember Active Member

    May 22, 2020
    While I have no doubt Rovi (TiVo) shares some blame here, I am not sure it is totally Rovi's fault, as I have seen some equivalent issues with Gracenote data recently. And the common upstream are the broadcasters themselves. Rovi/Gracenote/FYI (yes, there are three companies, but you almost never hear of FYI) don't make guide data up, they pay for the data from the broadcasters, and when the broadcasters fail to provide correct data, you get poor quality results. And I would not be surprised if some of the broadcast groups staff are having their own issues getting the data correct.
  20. Series3Sub

    Series3Sub Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2010
    Gracenote really was quite bad in the later years after all the change in ownerships. It had gotten so bad that it had its own reliability issues, and they were significant. It was probably the biggiest complaint on the Dish forums the quality had slipped so far. However, Rovi/TiVo is SO BAD, so worse, that it makes Gracenote look good. So, Gracenote is not even good anymore, but at this point, Gracenote would probably be a better experience.

    Also, I had noticed that Gracenote had every major MVPD except for Comcast, IIRC. And it seemed as if out of nowhere Dish, DirecTV and several others who were using Gracenote all changed to Rovi at about the same time. I also note that this was soon after Nielsen had purchased Gracenote and made a public statement that they were going to create greater value with their newly purchased Gracenote metadata and expand . . . it sure sounded like they were gonna jack the price. I can also say that someone who is in a position to know stated that it was not Dish's preference to switch from Greacenote to Rovi, which was as big a clustermess as it was for TiVo subscribers. Now TiVo has the greatest number of MVPD's using its metadata service, not Gracenote anymore.

    Hmm. Very interesting.
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