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    One of the things we frequently encounter is trying to figure where we've seen a guest star in a series episode before. This seems like something that TiVo Search should be ideal for. Not really.

    The first problem is that when you do an "Explore this program" and go to the details for the episdode, the list of guest stars is frequently truncated with no way to see the entire list.

    Then, even if you think the person is on the list there's no way to select names from the list to see a picture or do a swivel search style lookup. The best you can do is remember the name, start a new search and enter the whole thing. No fun.

    It seems to me that there could be a menu item on the episode for cast which includes the regular cast plus any guest stars. Also, pressing "Info" on this screen should get you the full details without truncating the description or cast list, even if it requires scrolling.
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    You could type " Fast User Switching or Guest Account " in Red Search button and see if you can find an answer.

    Have no other suggestions to provide you other that this.

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