Grimm S04E22 "Cry Havoc"

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    When they went out of their way to not show her coming up to the house, I thought it was a trick too. But once they showed the head, I figured it was because they couldn't use the actress for some reason. I wonder if she didn't want to return so they decided to just kill off her character?

    With Juliette, my wife always hated that character. As this season progressed, she hated her even more. So when she was killed, my wife screamed with joy. Let's just hope that her death sticks. :D

    I wonder how much of this was changed after the show was renewed for another season? The whole Jack the Ripper story line was building up for most of the season, only to have the reveal and Jack's removal happen all in one episode. Looking back this whole season, things just seemed a little off. Hopefully the writers can make things more cohesive this next season.
  2. Anubys

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    I can't for the life of me understand how the writers thought burning down the trailer was a good idea. That alone almost made me quit the show.
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    Yep. I'm definitely not sad to see her go. She was the only real weak point in an otherwise very well cast show. Even Trubel is better, and Grimm is the first major thing she's been in.

    I hope they move away from the baby/royal storyline next season and bring in some cool new bad guys. I'm still really enjoying the show, but this season was the weakest by far.
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    It seems Kelly (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) has signed up for a new CBS show called Limitless :
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    15 mins...


    Juliette actually became kind of interesting once she became a Hexenbiest.
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    Just caught up on the last three or four episodes this weekend. Since the very beginning of the show I've been saying to my wife that Nick needs to a)do a full inventory and organization of the contents of the trailer, and b) digitize all those books. I realize it's TV and everything, but c'mon now, scan that s--t into Evernote (making it searchable--BONUS), and then keep a few backups hidden in some other places.
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    I'll miss the TARDIS trailer.
  8. gweempose

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    Mar 23, 2003
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    LOL! That thing sure did appear a lot bigger on the inside than it did on the outside.

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