"Green" Arrow S04E01 OAD 7-Oct-2015

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  1. Rob Helmerichs

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    (Named after comic book writer Andy Diggle, who wrote the most recent Green Arrow origin series.)
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    I know. I just couldn't pass up writing "dingle/barry."
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    This show is a mess now. It's more of a soap opera love story type show. I've invested so much time that I'm still watching, but this show is really nowhere near the writing of season one or two.

    Seeing Thea and Laurel fight as the main heros in the opening is laughable. Thea couldn't beat Justin Bieber in a fist fight. And I know this is a comic book show, but this show uses "bad guy bullets" to the extreme. I mean, c'mon, numerous scenes like the opening where Thea and Laurel are riding on a motorcycle right in front of numerous guys with automatic weapons firing at them, and not only do they not get hit, Thea is just saying, "This is so cool." Yeah, when it's totally fake and there's no real drama of actually getting hurt. It then just makes future gun battles boring since you know they're never getting hurt anyway.

    Now we not only have flashbacks, we have flash forwards. Argh. And a twist that Lance is in on it with Damien Dark. Again, seems like they're running out of characters to have a twist and are just grabbing anyone to flip in a twist.

    Right when I'm about to delete this season pass, they then sign Neal McDonough as the bad guy. I love that actor and I think he works great as a bad guy. So I'm interested to see where the Damien Dark character leads.

    But I can't help but wondering if trying to merge all the storylines of the Flash (and maybe Supergirl?) into the DC universe hasn't totally obliterated the writing team for Arrow. Season one was spectacular. It was also very dark and very violent. But the writing had layers that complimented each other. These twists and layers they threw into this first episode alone seem totally forced, and Laurel just plain sucks.

    Hopefully future episodes will be better, and I have to admit. I like Diggle's new helmet. The actor who plays diggle also looks like he hit the gym big time during the shooting break. Dude is ripped!
  4. Michael S

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    Jan 12, 2004
    I was wondering why you wrote that. :) Then I noticed I misspelled his name. I kind of figured I would do that.
  5. Philosofy

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    Feb 21, 2000



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