Gotham 2/29/16 S2.E12 Mr. Freeze

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  1. MikeMar

    MikeMar Go Pats

    Jan 7, 2005


    Solid episode!

    Gordon and Penguin's said the same story, as they both wanted Galavan gone and now he is.

    Penguin in Arkham Asylum is for sure interesting!

    And loving the start of Mr. Freeze, that's going to be interesting
  2. dianebrat

    dianebrat wait.. I did what? TCF Club

    Jul 6, 2002
    My problem is that they knocked it out of the park with the Mr Freeze origin story in the Batman The Animated series that forever changed how you look at him as a villain and it's one of my favorite origins because of that, you can tell they're following several of the beats but I didn't think it went far enough. Obviously YMMV, it was a good episode but that hangs over it.
  3. Rob Helmerichs

    Rob Helmerichs I am Groot! TCF Club

    Oct 17, 2000
    Great to see Hugo Strange...he was the villain in the classic Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers run back in the 70s (and the very first of the major Batman villains, pre-dating the Joker, the Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, etc.), which is a nostalgic favorite of mine.

    (Yes, DC had Dr. Strange decades before Marvel. :D)
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  4. JYoung

    JYoung Series 3

    Jan 16, 2002
    Los Angeles
    I have to say, I quite enjoyed B.D. Wong as Hugo Strange as well and I look forward to him in future episodes.
  5. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001


    Hopefully I didn't ask this before and forget.. and I admit this is tangential.. but were the 1960s Batman _comics_ goofy like the 60s TV show, or is the 60s TV show just completely out of left field?

    I know there have been other changes over time (he was originally much more of/like a detective, and DID use a gun sometimes, if reluctantly).. But the 60s show (which I like from watching reruns as a kid) just seems so way out there.

    Only Spiderman appearances on "The Electric Company" seem to come close.
  6. Rob Helmerichs

    Rob Helmerichs I am Groot! TCF Club

    Oct 17, 2000
    The 60s were fairly goofy, and became more so in response to the success of the show. But very shortly after (thanks to artists like Neal Adams and Jim Aparo and writers like Denny O'Neil), he turned very dark again, and has mostly been that way to varying degrees ever since.
  7. getreal

    getreal postcrastinator

    Sep 29, 2003
    The 60s TV show was super campy, while the comic strip (newspapers) and comic books were more serious.
  8. awsnyde

    awsnyde Member

    May 11, 2007
    I haven't watched this Gotham yet, but that is my favorite episode of BTAS, and among my favorite ~20 minutes of TV ever. It basically changed Mr. Freeze into a sympathetic, tragic, interesting character. And the voice was perfect; the thought of it chills me still. I've been looking forward to the character on Gotham, but like you am wary that they'll be able to create as indelible a character.

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