Got Ray instead of Ugly Betty on 8/30/2007

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by hummingbird_206, Sep 1, 2007.

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    My S3 TiVo says it recorded Ugly Betty on 8/30/2007, but when I went to view the show this morning, instead it was the movie "Ray". The TiVo guide says it should have been Ugly Betty. I didn't see Ray anywhere in the guide listings. I think the TiVo was on the correct channel (ABC-HD is 104 here in Seattle with Comcast) because at the start of the recording the local ABC news anchor was giving an update. Anyone else have this problem or have any insight into how I figure out what happened so it doesn't happen again? I'm really bummed because I'm trying to catch up on the series before the new season starts :(
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    Could Ugly Betty have had "questionable" content, so the local station decided to slide it back to late, late night and air the movie instead?

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    here in dc we've found that because the local ABC is not owner operated they are allowed to replace a certain amount of programing with their own programing.

    The local station buys rights to movies also. if they feel their movie will get a better rating, or if they are nearing the end of their window for broadcast rights on the movie, they will replace the network content.
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    That's a bummer. :( My local ABC station has done that on occasion as well - replacing a night of reruns they feel no one probably cares about with a random movie they think might do better. If your system will handle it, does have ALL the Betty episodes available for viewing free with their live streaming player, so you could catch what you missed there. And it's darn-near commercial free since there are only a couple of breaks per episode and you only get one short ad. You can watch an hour long show in about 42 min (just like with your TiVo FF button, only it's not needed).
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    Thanks for mentioning I'd forgotten I could watch the show on there. Not as good as in HD w/Tivo, but still better than not seeing the show at all.
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    Strange - it's doing things like this that led NBC to pull its programming from its longtime San Francisco affiliate (now the San Jose affiliate covers San Francisco as well, which is not good if you live in, or north of, San Francisco and you don't have cable).

    You have to remember that ABC sells commercial time along with Ugly Betty, and the advertisers aren't particularly happy when its commercials aren't aired nationwide as promised.

    -- Don

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