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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by reneg, Feb 18, 2020.

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    I wouldn't worry about S&E for now in your situation. Just look at what is on offer in your service area and make the calculation of what best suits your needs and wallet.
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    I guess the only real question is switching between the pro and pro+ at least until my contract runs out. I lose channels EPIX and the sports tier if I switch now and gain some speed.
    I think I will just wait around to see what happens next year as I approach contract end date.
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    Jun 9, 2016
    It doesn't have to be, though. You can have a much simpler setup and still get all your content. You could just use a streaming service on something like appletv and then all your live tv and apps are on one device. Or even limit it further and just use the built in TV apps. Someone might say "but my TV apps don't have Smith HDR 6k 2.65P Dolby Express AI!!!! but it's mostly nonsense and snobbery, I was at Abt one time and they did a "blind" test and the only thing people could vaguely distinguish was when an HD tv had HDR on or off) A poster up above is using Fubo but also the Channels app on top of that. If someone wants to use an OTA device like Plex you need a tuner, a server, a way to display the channels, and most people don't use the Plex channel guide because it sucks so they add another company on top of that. One software update on one piece that doesn't cooperate with everything else and the whole setup crashes. Then you're spending hours troubleshooting. People are introducing ridiculous nonsense in search of some sort of holy grail. Some people are like that, they like to be busy-bodies, they have no chill, and I even wrote in my original post that everyone has different budgets and desires...which is fine. But let's not act like it HAS to be that way, that it's fatalistic in some way.
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    Apps don't handle OTA unless there is some sort of DVR on the network handling it, and having a whole bunch of apps doesn't solve the content selection and management problem. I like to tinker as a hobby, but when I want to crash on the couch, I want to crash on the couch. That's why I have a Roku, a TiVo, and a UHD Blu-Ray player as my primary sources (also an HTPC and some game consoles), but not any roll your own DVR systems.

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