Goodbye Tivo, it's been nice (sometimes)

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    Your TV does have a tuner. Go to a site like and enter your address to see what stations you can get and what size/type of antenna you need.

    Be aware that YTTV already carries many of your locals, so all an antenna would add is the subchannels that typically just show old re-runs in low definition, something that I personally would not miss. If you intend to keep YTTV, you could probably skip the antenna.
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    You'll find the major apps in LG WebOS, but small companies like Channels DVR will likely never support it. Over the long run you'll probably find the WebOS apps will age out and you'll want one to plug in a Fire/Apple/Android/Roku streaming stick/puck, but it's worth keeping things simple at first and exploring what's in that LG.

    Your choice of antenna would depend on how far you are from the transmitters, whether they're all clustered together or spread out across the compass, and whether any stations in your area still use VHF-Low or VHF-Hi, or if they're all UHF. Also indoor vs. outdoor, trees in the way, and the range of weather conditions. Do some research on and manufacturer sites like ChannelMasters Antenna Selection Guide. Make sure you add a grounding block where the antenna cable enters your home. Here are some recent threads on the topic:
    OTA Antenna Users - Show Me Yours!

    Oh and before I forget, for researching live TV streaming options like YouTube TV, Hulu, and others, I recommend
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    right, its a matter of either/or. Like I said, for many years I was in a bad spot for OTA, but according to a site I checked last night (like the one you suggested) , Im going to be in a much better spot, so I want to factor it in if I dumped YTTV.
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    You guys are a weath of information about this current mess of a television service landscape we now have. thank you so much!
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    Another site that is useful in case you are considering live cable channel services is Suppose. Type in your zip code, pick out your "must-have" channels, and it will show you your various options with pricing.

    Each service has its pros and cons. You can ask us about those, or read the info about them at TheStreamable as suggested above; that site gives good reviews and info.
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