Goodbye Tivo, hello little Tivo

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by jcarlin, Sep 25, 2020.

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    Last Wednesday marked the end of a long friendship. After 21 years I finally cancelled my Tivo subscription. Through those 21 years I started with one then up to 4 Tivos, then down to 2 with a pile of mini's. I loved the interface (even Hydra) and the program guide (until Tivo+). It was fun to explore more information on a show, see what other shows an actor was in and schedule wishlists that would grab anything that had a keyword.

    Then it all changed. Tivo wasn't satisfied with my monthly subscriptions. They needed to monetize me even more. They ruined playback of recorded content, unless I complained. They ruined the program guide. Their apps lag behind in updates and features forcing me to use a chromecast or something else to watch other streaming services. Xfinity/Comcast, never the best of friends, elevated the war by pulling the plug with on-demand. Then I lost the sports package and CMT because of "incompatibility with the cable-cards. I was warned that more tiers of content might go away thanks to the FCC destroying net neutrality.

    I would have stayed with Tivo, if I had any hope they were fighting for me to win back all the features I was losing. The call to Tivo to cancel my service said it all. They really didn't care. No fight. No offers. The call into Xfinity to cancel cable was pretty much the same.

    I'm now on day three of on a Tivo Stream 4k and its fine. Its not really a Tivo, but maybe it will get there someday.
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    The cable card thing would be the tipping point for me. Right now I can't justify the switch because of the package and contract discounts but if I had to start paying rental fees for X1 boxes that would be close to making it competitive to walk away.
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    I avoided TE4 for the ads they force on you through the newer Tivo+ and didn't like the TE4 UI, with decreased functions. (PC->Tivo transfers disabled on TE4). Stuck with TE3, with no forced ads.
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