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Discussion in 'TiVo Series 1 - UK' started by crossdynamite, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Probably true, but TiVo probably feel the number now is low enough to be inconsequential.

    Well the three months they have given us is three times what the contract said they had to give us, and I don't imagine another nine months would really make that much difference to those affected. The cost to TiVo of another nine months service may have been considered. I agree it would have been nice for them to signpost their intentions earlier, but they would not have reached a definite date for end of service until they had confirmation from Virgin of wider availability. This would indicate that TiVo were considering the needs of S1 customers in their planning, particularly if the rumour is true that TiVo had a contractual clause for Virgin to offer S1 customers the new box early.

    Overall, although I think it is very sad for the S1 service to end, I think TiVo have gone above and beyond the call of duty in keeping it going this long. If an alternative EPG service can be provided, then I hope it is successful.
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    What do you actually mean by "time to make adequate plans for a replacement service"? I can only assume that you're referring to the community being able to make the guide data available independently, since it doesn't take a year of planning to switch to Sky+ or a Freeview PVR, and since it looks hopeful that the alternative EPG will happen before the official cutoff, would an extra nine months really make a colossal amount of difference?
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    Hello! Most things are broadcast in HD already.

    Not clear ho having an extra eight months would really assist with deciding between Sky and Freeview - I've heard of considered decisions but that's ridiculous.
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    Hmmm. Do we have any TiVo shareholders here? They would be entitled to ask questions at the next company meeting open to them.
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    Because for us it's time to move forward - we want better picture quality, and we don't have the space to keep that, the freeview box, and the Sky stuff.
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    First I've heard of it so I'm off there for a tick now.

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