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    TiVo is entering this space too late, way too late IMO. They seem to be ok with pissing off their loyal DRV user base. It’s one thing to focus on future money makers but it’s another thing to abandon what got TiVo to where they “were”. They still have the best DVR you can get IMO, but they are ruining it and don’t seem to care about us “distractions”. They are vague about the apps for STB’s and if they are ever coming. Pre-roll ads on a box we bought to skip ads makes no freaking sense at all. Unless your master plan is to piss off your loyal customers and hope they adopt your half baked late the party streamer as an alternative when you drop cable TV.

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    Mar 5, 2004
    I bought a DVR to actually replace failing VCR tech, I could care less about ad skipping and streaming apps. Apps keep getting fatter and more resource intensive and it's cheaper to replace a streaming box every few years. Give me the best dvr and anything that can't be recorded should not be on the box. One box solutions never seem to fix anything. But what the h___ the future is the cloud, many of us could well be on our last hardware dvr's period :eek:, we just don't know it yet. :oops::eek:
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