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    I am getting tired of the 6.3 problems. They are really getting to be annoying. Thinking about going back to 6.2 and disconnecting the phone line. I have the images I created when I upgraded my DSR708 and R10 with larger drives. Not sure, but I think they were 6.2. Is there any way to examine the images to determine which software version they are without installing on the drives? I don't want to lose all my recordings unless I'm sure I won't get 6.3 back.
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    To do so you will have to purchase a hard drive the same size as the larger of your two images. copy the image to the new hard drive. Install it in your tivo to determine the image. If you want that image then leave it in the Tivo, unplug the phone, use the removed tivo drive to install the other saved image. The software, boot cd, instructions can be found at MFSlive.org and is free to download. Hope this Helps. Good Luck. :)

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