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    It's similar to new musical artists and what they call the "sophomore slump".

    A band's out there, paying its dues. They have a set of songs, 15, 20, maybe 30 deep, and play their best ones live. They might play these songs 4, 5, 10 years and then finally they're discovered. Songs get recorded, album comes out to rave reviews, they're musical darlings. A big tour follows, maybe they open for the biggest band, by the end of the tour they may play a few sold out venues on their own.

    They record a second album, but it hasn't been honed for years playing gigs. Maybe it's as good as the first, maybe not, but it doesn't have the polish that constant rehearsal has, it doesn't do near as well.

    Some bands break out of it and make a fabulous third, but for some, people look at it and say wow, it's just not as good as the first, and stop listening. Either that or they completely disregard the second album, only listen to the first, and the second one bombs, causing financial support to slip and they don't have the resources for a third.

    TV shows are similar season to season. The second season doesn't live up to the first, people feel it's not as good, and stop watching. Once in a while, the network decides to give them a chance and there's a rebound, but many times, the show goes downhill and it dies.

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    I have found there are always certain parts of the show I ff thru and some I don't want to miss. I enjoy the music and some of the characters. That's why I keep on watching.
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    You're all missing the point. He can play drums, he just can't act, so his acting at playing the drums was ridiculous.

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