Glee 11/8/10 "Never Been Kissed"

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    When/where it happened was while they were making out, yes. But that's not at all the point of why Schuster was scolding them.

    He was simply scolding them for making fun of someone who was different. That's it.

    (Anyone else want to try and chime in? Or is this thread going to be me and aindik the rest of the time? ;))
  2. Lori

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    Still puzzling over how a *song* is gay or not gay.

    I had never heard the song before this episode. My radio station doesn't play Katy Perry and, due to the fact that I believe that her breasts are the entirety of her talent, I haven't sought her out elsewhere.

    So, having never heard the song before, it never occurred to me that the lyrics were weird. And, on paper, they aren't. They are only weird in your head, because you associate the song with a woman.
  3. aindik

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    The song isn't gay. The lyrics are gender-specific. Men don't sing about wearing makeup or skin-tight jeans.
  4. Lori

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    But the makeup lyric wasn't in the show. I don't go and listen to these songs on itunes, so I had no way of knowing *within the context of the show* that there was a lyric about makeup.

    And I think that boys are pretty hot in skintight jeans. :)

    I'm just saying that anyone who was taken aback by the song choice was so because of their own meta knowledge.

    ETA: Jethro Tull, for example, sang about skin-tight jeans, and they were a bunch of guys:

  5. stiffi

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    I agree, people are adding their own context. I didn't know who sang the song until reading this.

    Seems to me a dude, singing to another dude (who clearly likes him) about skin tight jeans makes perfect sense.
  6. betts4

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    That was my take on it. Not that they did it in bed, but that they were doing it when they had all been in the position of being different. He was reminding them about that. I think the guys then realized the error and regretted it. Let them think about baseball scores or such.

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