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  1. dianebrat

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    Jul 6, 2002
    The problem is the US consumer has shown no loyalty to companies that were doing US-based support and it was costing them an arm and a leg so they moved it offshore where they can afford it.

    You may say "well can they afford to have everyone leave after the crappy support?" The answer is that they don't leave. I worked for a company that had to make that very hard choice, it turned out that the amount of customers saved by US-based support was negligible and that even if we lost every unhappy with offshore support we still came out ahead on the balance sheet with the savings by moving offshore.
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    Yep, sad but true. Buyers will sometimes pay more for a product if they see reviews that rate it superior but there are no reviews for quality of support, and it would be very difficult to generate valid such reviews.
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    A poor soul in the Philippines just charged my credit card $149.99 to activate my brand new Mini Vox 4K.

    Go figure!

    Now I have to fight this with another clueless Tivo support person from overseas.

    @TiVo_Ted is there any less painful way to remove this stupid charge without having to dispute this with my credit card company?

    Case # for my activation call with Tivo is:
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    I haven't contacted TiVo customer service in a couple of years, but back then it was incredibly good. After receiving a new Mini Vox this week that was defective I called TiVo customer service for a replacement.

    The service was so bad it has to be a joke. I was transferred to four agents and each one of them had to start the script over from the beginning. Finally I had enough and told the final rep to issue an RMA and arrange for a refund. Just over the top bad.

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