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    Jun 9, 2011


    I'm sure there has been a million "how to get started" threads, but the ones I've seen are outdated, so I figured some of you guys might take pity and help me out :)

    I'm currently with Frontier. I have 3 HDTVs, all with Verizon DVRs. The service is great, but the rates are ridiculous, especially now with the $30 increase they've added for no legitimate reason.

    I'm ready to make a switch, but would like to go with DirectTV, simply because they offer MLBnet and Boomerang, 2 staple channels in our household. Dish and Comcast do not offer both of these channels. Savings would add up to $70+ per month for the same channel lineup.

    Anyway, I would like to get started with TiVo, as I've heard the boxes are much more reliable, faster, and have cleaner interfaces.

    I need to know:

    Do I need a TiVo box for each TV?

    The Premiere box does not appear to be compatible with DirectTV... what box IS compatible? Website only shows Premiere and XL.

    I do not want a "DirectTV DVR".... as the lease fees and "DVR service fees" add up to quite a bit and is of lessor quality than TiVo (so I've heard).

    Tivo Website advertising FREE Premiere boxes (not sure if I can get 3 for free?) with $19.95/month subscription fee (are 2nd and 3rd box fees less per month?). I am stuck going with Comcast if I get these boxes?

    What kind of hidden fees can I expect from my new sat/cable provider if I use a TiVo rather than their boxes? Or will I just pay $xx.xx for channel package A?

    I do not currently have internet service at my house. Do I need it? (I realize I'd need it for Hulu, Netflix, etc... but do I need it for regular recording, playback, channel skip, on demand, etc...)

    THANKS GUYS (and gals!)

    Brand new to TiVo
    Currently with overpriced Frontier
    Wanting to switch to sat/cable
    Need help getting started
    What fees to expect from TiVo and Sat providers
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    Current TIVo DVRs only work with Cable and Over The Air (OTA). Frontier FIOS is the same as cable and works with a TiVo.

    Cable requires the use of cable cards and they have to be rented from your cable provider. You also need high speed Internet for new TiVos to function properly.

    Currently you do need a TiVo on each TV you want to use TiVo with.

    The cheapest way to buy/use TiVos is to pay for lifetime service upfront. 3 TiVos with lifetime service would cost you around $1600.

    If you go with Satellite and want HD you have to use their DVR.

    Good Luck,
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    The only way to use TiVo with DirecTV at this time, is to use a Series 1 or 2 Standalone with a DirecTV receiver, or an older DirecTV TiVo. Or you can hold out and see what comes of the new DirecTV TiVo.

    To make the best of a Premiere, you want broadband Internet.

    Usually there is no hidden fees for a customer owned TiVo from a provider, except Cablecard install and rental fees.

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