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  1. JBatch

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    Feb 12, 2010


    I connect my Sony television (Bravia Z5100) directly to the cable outlet (without a cable box) and connect my television to the Internet. On my television, I am able to get the channel lineups and guide data for all the analog and digital channels in my local area (through TVGOS).

    I read that there is no guide data for digital cable channels when using the TiVo without a cable card, and that there is currently no way to manually map channels on the TiVo.

    Does that mean I would not have the guide data that is currently on my Sony television provided by TVGOS?

    If I can not get this guide data on the TiVo, is there anyway for the TiVo to pull the existing guide data directly from the television?

    If that not is not possible, are there any other options to get this guide data online on the TiVo (without using a cablecard)?

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  2. T1V0

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    Jun 14, 2006
    big no
  3. bkdtv

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    Sony paid an upfront fee to include TVGOS in their TV. It' is a commercial service (paid for by Sony) and it can only be used by manufacturers and devices that pay for it.

    Without a CableCard, the TivoHD and Series3 will only offer program information for analog channels.
  4. LoadStar

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    And digital OTA channels.
  5. classicsat

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    The data is there on the TiVo for the channels, just for the virtual numbers. There is no need to load outside data.

    What is needed is a way to map QAM channels to the virtual numbers in the guide, and the only way to do that on a TiVo is with a cablecard.
  6. DBLClick

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Also TVGOS data is delivered via channel sub-carrier. So your tuner after hours signs on to a channel and downloads the channel guide.
  7. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001
    Also, from what I've read on avsforum, TVGOS is not anywhere near as complete as the Tivo guide data, and in some markets, TVGOS *cannot* (because of bandwidth) even cover all of the channels you can get.
  8. Das Achteck

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    Mar 8, 2005
    That is correct. In my area TVGOS (which my CableCARD + antenna for OTA equipped TV has) is a useless extra cost POS. The TVGOS people will not speak to users. You must go through your TV support people. And of course they don't know what you are talking about. I have spent time running diagnostics for them (a very lengthy process), which they then send to TVGOS which then either may or may not correct the issue or may or may not contact the cableco who then may or may not fix the problem for a while until it gets broken again, etc, etc. etc. It is so bad that I can't even get a channel call sign display, much less program data, when tuning to many, many channels.

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