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    I have a general question about transponder strength.

    When I set up my 18" Dual LNB dish I tried to achieve as high of a signal on my locals transponder (12) as I could, which is at 100%. My locals never pixelate but I notice that Comedy Channel (particularly when South Park is on) that I get a lot of pixelation there. I believe Comedy Channel is on transponder 17, and my numbers there are in the 80's (trans 17). I haven't been around while SP is actually on to check the strength at that time. Today I did a sampling of other transponder strengths and many of them are in the low/mid 80's, a couple in the 90's.

    My question: When I'm aiming the dish should I find the transponder with the lowest signal and try to aim and get the highest on that transponder or is there a better methodology to this? I suppose I thought I should try to achieve the highest signal for the transponder that carried my locals, now I'm thinking I should find the lowest signal transponder and try to aim for the best signal there.

    FYI, I used RG6 cableing, I have a 3x8 multiplexer and the problem is occuring on my HDVR2 unit.
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    You need to find the TP with the lowest signal strength that isn't a spot beam and tweak your aiming to get the highest value from that one. The reason TP12, your locals, is so high is because it is one of 6 spot beams from the 101 position. The others ar 4, 18, 20, 26, and 28.

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