Gateway for Xfinity with Tivo?

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    I am on Xfinity and would like to replace the router/modem combo (gateway) that I rent with one I purchase.

    I am renting a CISCO DPC3941T which is a Docsis 3.0 router/modem combo. It supports Moca so I don't need to buy a Moca adapter. I do have 4 Xfinity pods to help with the Wi-fi coverage issues I have as there is cinder block in my walls.

    Which router/modem combo would you recommend to replace this? Recommendations?


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    I don't have a gateway recommendation for you, but wanted to mention that you should start by checking the Xfinity list of approved equipment. Log in to your Xfinity account and look'll find it.

    If you buy a gateway that's not on the approved equipment list it won't work.
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    The XFinity Pods will NOT work with customer-owned equipment, so there's a concern to think of before continuing.

    Personally, my Xfinity network is a Motorola MB7621 modem connected to a UniFi Dream Machine Pro, with a Unifi AP-AC-Pro as the wireless AP.

    My frontroom Bolt does MoCa bridging, no extra equipment needed.
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    I am willing to ditch the pods and sell them on eBay. But I couldn't set up a moca bridge with my bolt as it wanted an ethernet connection and I didn't have one near the bolt.

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    I've used that DPC3941T and liked it as a three-way combo unit (cable modem, wireless router, and MoCA bridge). In its stead I am currently using a Netgear CM1000 modem and R7800 router; for my MoCA network I have an Actiontec ECB6200 (Bonded MoCA 2.0) Adapter along with a WCB6200Q Extender.

    Netgear has newer modem models (CM1100/1200 series), but you should get a better price on the 1000 if it serves your purpose. Any of these DOCSIS 3.1 models will be compatible with your Xfinity HSI service. But if you also have VoIP service from Comcast, you must ensure that the modem you purchase includes this capability (such as the Netgear CM1150V).
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