Game of Thrones S06E10 Season Finale The Winds of Winter

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    So this means Jon is a bastard either way. I just find it hard to believe that GRRM would have the identity of Jon's parents be such a big secret and wait so long to reveal it if it wasn't going to have some significant impact on his prospects and on the plot.

    Is the big reveal just that he has both Stark (Ice) and Targaryen (Fire) blood? Is that really all that significant, in the grand scheme of things? If he's a bastard, then he doesn't really have a claim to be an heir to any Stark or Targaryen titles, so that seems like it would be really anticlimactic if that were the case.
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    I like the pic on the polygamy page..

    So since the Targaryon's get a pass on incest, maybe Rhaegar Jon can get a pass on his parents polygamy since it's in the family history.. Also Aegon the first's younger sister (I presume his 2nd wife, since tradition said he had to marry his older sister) produced his heir.
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    Knowledge is different from News.
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    True. But since the mutiny, there has been the battle at the Wall, Stannis' defeat of Mance, Stannis' defeat by Ramsay, an election of Lord Commander (which required ravens to Eastwatch and Shadow Tower). Everyone else in Westeros knew Jon was LC. The Citadel, which is raven central, didn't get the memo?

    It's a minor nit to be sure.

    I also didn't understand why they killed Pycelle separately. They could have let him die in the blast.
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    Some Starks can Warg. Some Targaryens bond with dragons. Maybe having the blood of both allows him to Warg into a dragon.
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    As she watched littlefinger. It was her gaze at him that disturbed her smile.
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    And when she picked up the hot eggs in mid season 1.
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    Why does everyone assume all these things are happening at the same time when in different parts of that land?
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    The pardon from Robert Baratheon was sent to Jorah by Varys and hand delivered to him just before the first attempt on Danerys' life - the wine seller who tried to poison her. He pretty much pissed the pardon away when he stepped in and stopped the assassination.

    It's only a minor detail but no reason for you to be the only one to correct them. ;)
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    Aeron, Aemon,.... Aejon
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    Legitimacy doesn't matter to anyone who's left. Power matters. Jon has been declared King in the North. He has an army and several houses behind him.

    There's only a few players left in the Game. None will care about Jon's legitimacy. Dany may care if he has Targaryan blood. But there are no other Targaryans to line up behind him if he is legitimate. The other players will only care if they can beat him, align with him or come to some accord.

    Also, that Targaryan blood may come with a Power of it's own. The impact of Jon's parentage will be aligning with Dany or a special Power.
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    And remember that Dany cannot have children. Even if she takes Westeros, she needs someone of Targaryen blood to be her heir.
  13. getbak

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    No. If we assume that Westeros uses the same rules of inheritance that the British Crown has traditionally used (which is a safe assumption based on what we've seen), then Jon's claim as Rhaegar's son (if legitimized) would be stronger than Dany's.

    Using the British crown as an example, if Charles were to pass away before the Queen, William would be the heir to the Throne, with his children and brother behind him. William's uncle Andrew wouldn't suddenly leapfrog Harry and William and William's children just because he's the son of the Queen and William is only her grandson.
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    O. M. F. G. :eek: :up:
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    Anybody have a problem with how Jon handled Mellisandre? banishing her seemed like a slap on the wrist. And Davos simply let her go after all his ranting and raving seemed strange.

    I also need to mention that it was great seeing the look of joy/wonder as Sam saw that the Citadel was as grand as his wildest imagination.
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    Yeah, it seemed a little bet hedging. Hmm, maybe the Lord of Light is helping out.

    Anyway, at least there's a chance of some more nekkidness (keep the necklace on please)
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    Maybe a thanks for bringing me (back) into this world.

    Sort of like how Robb didn't hang his mother for treason.
  18. BitbyBlit

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    Aug 25, 2001
    And on top of that, I'm fairly certain he knew his mother was responsible. The second most important woman in his life killed the most important woman in his life. I think that's what ultimately pushed him over the edge.
  19. cheesesteak

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    Did she help out in any way in the battle of the bastards? She said that Jon would need her help in the upcoming war but she didn't break a sweat when he needed her.

    Good riddance to Tommen. I'm glad he jumped. He was an easily swayed weakling. Any man, let alone the damn king, who allows his mother to be imprisoned, beaten and made to endure the walk of shame should have been thrown out the window. He also let the love of his life to be imprisoned. Chump.
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    Didn't she also say, years ago, that in her vision she saw Jon Snow walking amongst the flames at Winterfell? Or am I misremembering that?

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