Game of Thrones 8x05 "The Bells" 5/12/19

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  1. getreal

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    Sep 29, 2003


    It seems to me that Dany was always wearing white in the early innocent times up until she wore a white/grey fur-leather outfit when her dragon Viserion was killed by the Night King. Her outfits then turned black as her character embraced the dark side, including the razing of King's Landing.

    There was similar use of color symbolism in "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" ... a clever trope.
  2. getreal

    getreal postcrastinator

    Sep 29, 2003
    I'll "see" your "Grizzly Adams" and "raise" you a "Gentle Ben".
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  3. MonsterJoe

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    I started rewatching the series this week for ***** and giggles...and everyone looks like those snapchat kid filters that have been going around on Facebook.
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    I will probably rewatch starting next weekend. Maybe pick a good GOT podcast to listen to after each episode.

    It'll probably take me until the prequel to watch them all.

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    Very late finally chiming in.

    Short versions.

    Yes Dany is mad/crazy/evil (more likely the last). This couldn't be more clear. She very clearly has lost the support of all she cared for and who cared for her and have her support and guidance (except gray worm). It will be a race to see who kills her. Maybe noone does but they almost all don't want her to rule anymore.

    Everyone who is dead is dead. There will be no crazy reveals on this front. There rarely ever have been.
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  6. BitbyBlit

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    Aug 25, 2001
    Sansa: Why did you make the dragon kill all those people?

    Bran: You said you wanted Jon to be King. This was the only way.

    Sansa: And Arya?

    Bran: Still alive. I've sent her a horse.
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    VDOT is ready for tonight!

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    I saw that sign driving home from this afternoon. Nice.
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    This Wired story captures what I couldn’t articulate well:

    Why the writing on Game if Thrones S8 seems off - Why the Writing in Season 8 of 'Game of Thrones' Feels Off
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  10. Rob Helmerichs

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    That's interesting...he makes exactly the same argument that the guy I cited a few pages back made, right down to pantsers vs. plotters. He even added a note after I first posted it, referring to your guy whom he discovered after he wrote his piece.

    And it remains a very convincing explanation for what has gone wrong this season and why.

    I have to say, I don't think this is a Lost-level disaster, where the final season basically ruins the entire show. But I do think there is a fairly substantial drop in quality here, which doesn't ruin but does diminish the series. It's a shame that they achieved such greatness, only to not be able to stick the landing.
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  11. 3D

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    I feel like I’ve seen this same comparison of these two analysis before.
  12. PJO1966

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    Media blackout.
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  13. LordKronos

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    Dec 28, 2003
    So a last minute thought here. I've read the whole thread over the week, but I don't recall anyone posting this thought. There is maybe at best a 1% likelihood of this, but I rewatched this episode again last night. It didn't occur to me the first time that the final Arya/horse scene almost seemed like it could be like an after-death encounter. It was almost spiritual. She sort of woke up, and I think the streets were all completely empty. Then there is this magical white horse. Almost like a version of go into the light. I'm pretty certain Arya is going to be alive and well tonight, but there is that slight change. Did anyone else take it that way? (and yes, please feel free to link to your post if I'm smeeking you).

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