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    So the people that are attempting to watch the show and read the matching book after the season ends need their own thread. If there had been such a thread I might not have ended up spoiling a bunch of this season's GoT by reading what I thought was the matching book to the prior season (I now know more than I should for this season's plot lines). I much prefer watching the TV show before reading the book but alas, the seasons don't align with the books the way I had hoped.

    This also makes it very hard for me to comment on the TV show since I know more than I should from reading book 3. I suspect some of the stuff in the TV show is coming from book 4 or perhaps is not in any book (but that is just a guess). Is there a web site or thread that documents how the TV show and books overlap without being too spoileriffic?

    Edit: never mind. I just read the first page of the other thread that discusses the TV show and the books. Guess I'll just have to wing it and hope I don't ruin my viewing and reading experiences. :)
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    Yes!! As long as they leave this thread alone!

    No offense to BitByBlit and others, but I haven't read the book yet. I don't really want book details infiltrating the TV threads. They're not of value to people who are only watching the TV series, and there is the potential for revealing spoilers.
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    The thing is, as a book reader sometimes you're confused between a scene you read and a scene that has been on the show. The "big spoiler" that brought this all up, number one didn't give anything away really, and number 2 was probably an accident because the poster thought it had been in the show when it hadn't. Give us credit for doing a pretty good job of not spoiling and please forgive us when we make a mistake. Thanks.
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    I've read the books but it's been so long I don't remember details. Next book reader who says anything along the lines of "you ain't seen nothing yet" and thinks that isn't a spoiler is getting a visit from Whitewalker quintuplets. Pissed off, sexually frustrated Whitewalker quintuplets.
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    +1. TV show threads are to discuss the TV show, and only the TV show. Keep any mention of the books out of the TV show thread. Why is this so difficult to understand?:confused:
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    I don't remember that from the book.
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    I have connections.
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    It's not clear to me if the lannisters or broke, or if they are refering to the crown being broke (like the government being broke or in debt). Maybe the Lannister family still has money but not the kingdom.

    Hopefully that makes sense. Kind of like this, Obama can be filthy rich, but the US can be broke or in heavy debt.
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    In the TV show, there is no doubt whatsoever...the source of the Lannisters' wealth (their gold mines) has run dry. They are left with cash on hand, which they seem to have spent on their political machinations.
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    To some extent, it doesn't matter. Much of the Lannister wealth was lent to the Crown. Who is both (a) near bankrupt as well and (b) mostly made of Lannisters. Lending yourself money does little good.
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    The purpose of being able to discuss the current events of the TV show as they happened in the book without being spoiled by discussion of future events. Currently we have threads for people who have seen all released episodes of the TV show and threads for people who have read all released books. I am not participating in the book threads because I don't want to know about future events that might happen in the TV show, so this was the natural place for me to ask my question about the book.

    Next time I will create a new thread, but I didn't realize that most people wanted that.

    I can't address this specifically without giving something away about the spoilers in question, but since we all know about the Jon knowing about Bran spoiler, I'll try explaining in terms of that.

    Knowing that Jon didn't know about Sam meeting Bran in the books doesn't spoil anything because in the TV show something different happened. Either Sam told Jon about Bran or he didn't. Now that the paths have diverged, knowing what happened in the books can't spoil anything on the TV show.

    And the spoilers in question are even less of spoilers than that because...

    ...they are about things that didn't happen and people who didn't exist in the books. So there isn't even a different path from which to compare the books.
    (I spoiled the above because technically it is a book spoiler. But there are no details about any events. All I did was talk in general terms about the nature of the spoilers. And again, I guarantee nothing is revealed about future TV show events.)

    It's not difficult to understand; it's just not the convention in most threads. The reason we have both spoiler tags and spoiler threads is so that we can have longer discussions without needing spoiler tags, but can still interject spoilers for shorter side notes that don't warrant their own thread.

    I wasn't aware that there was a big argument regarding the discussion of book knowledge in the TV threads, and so assumed that the book thread was created for the benefit of book readers not having to have long discussions in spoiler tags rather than to get all book discussion of any nature out of the TV threads.

    I personally have found it useful to be able to ask book readers pointed questions about supplementary information that will most likely only be found in the books, such as the history of how Dorne defended against Aegon the Conqueror, which so far has only be referenced by a one-liner from Tywin in the TV show. While I could Google those answers myself, doing so runs the risk of me running across other answers that I am trying to avoid.

    And again, I don't mind creating a new thread for the book discussion related to a particular episode so that we can have these sorts of conversations. I just didn't realize such discussions, even in spoiler tags, were not wanted in the main TV threads.
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    Normally that's the case, but in GoT threads both here, and comment threads in many many blogs have proven it's unsustainable, thus GoT pretty much web-wide has now made a "no book talk" in TV show threads mandatory.

    GoT is treated very differently in discussions because of this anomalous problem.
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    I'm not being a jerk, I'm simply pointing out where I disagree with you:

    1. This is a work of fiction. The writers can do anything they please within the frame of the story. You cannot make that guarantee. You may be 99% sure, but there is usually a way around what you are guaranteeing. Yes. I do agree that it is impossible for the writers to get around the particular thing you discussed. But that's not the point (see point 2 :))

    2. To put it simply: we don't want you (or anybody) to make that call for us. Regardless of how sure you are, we (as a group) have decided and asked everyone to abide by the simple rule of no book discussion is any way, shape, or form in these threads. We beg everyone here to respect that decision.
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    Part of the problem is due to the way the producers have been mixing up story lines from multiple books. In previous seasons, the Book/TV Show allowed for talk only through the corresponding book. But since late last season, the TV show has added elements from later books and the Book/Show thread now encompasses all books. I, personally, have only read through Book 3 (which I think is actually very common.)

    I tend to stay out of the Show threads as I know what is likely to happen. However, I am now staying out the Book/TV Show thread because I don't want to accidently be spoiled from the later books.

    That being said, I think your explanation is correct and the way it should be.
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    Honestly, just like the guy above posted, it's NOT a judgement call. The fact that Jon never knows Bran is alive in the books cannot possibly in any way spoil anything in the future. Things that happen in the series, but not the books typically are just flair that the writers put in. Book readers are not so stupid as to put something like "Wait till you see the next wedding!!!!" (in reference to Joffery's wedding after the red wedding). I wouldn't tease or spoil anything like that for you. In fact, even my discussions of diversions from the books are in spoilers.

    The spoiler tag is there for a reason. If you don't want to see the discussion about diversions, then don't click it. If you get mailed updates that don't include the spoiler tag, then don't get mailed updates. Just because I read the book and know some plot points shouldn't limit my discussion of an episode as long as what is posted doesn't spoil anything in the future.
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    I don't think you read my post (which you quote) ;). You have no idea what the writers will do in the future. I don't want you to decide for me. Since there is another thread to discuss these things, why do it here where it is not welcome?
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    can we start a new thread to talk about book spoilers vs tv thread? ;)
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    I would like to point out that the Ironborn are not only tough but also very polite. Witness Yara thanking her hostage just before she cut his throat!

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