FS: Black TiVo Bolt, 3 minis, non-working Bolt+, all with lifetime

Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Area' started by PedjaR, Mar 4, 2021.

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    Jan 4, 2010
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    Selling my whole TiVo setup, all with the lifetime service and running TE3.
    • 1TB Bolt Vox (black)
    • 3 minis (2 older version, one newer)
    • non-working 3TB Bolt+ Vox (would not boot)
    All except the broken one come with remote and hdmi cable (Bolt with usb cable as well).

    Note: the broken 3TB Bolt is probably good for parts only. When trying to boot, it shows TiVo logo, then no signal, then TiVo logo, then no signal, etc., never advances further. I tried the power supply from the working Bolt, and also tried a new hard drive - neither made any difference, so it must be something else, and the power supply/hard drive are probably ok. I put back the original hard drive and gave up on it. You could potentially put that drive into the working Bolt to upgrade capacity; I have not tried that.

    Make me an offer. I would prefer to sell all at once, but will consider individual sales.

    Due to the COVID situation, I'd like for somebody local to pick them up at an outdoor place, perhaps from my porch or at a parking lot of a big store. I am in Cary (Raleigh/Durham area), North Carolina. Don't have boxes for any of them, each one is in its own zipper bag with the remote/power supply/cable.

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