Frontier refusing to open account without DVR

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    Feb 19, 2015


    For the folks hearing about what appear to be almost irrational and illegal business practices by Frontier, I understand as it would strain credibility for most folks. However, for whatever reasons, Frontier, who has been on the verge of bankruptcy since purchasing some of Verizon's assets a few years back, seems to have a desperate mode of operation. They seem to continue to do things which astonish many folks, like charging you $10 a month for their don't have to use their router or even have one in your still get to pay the $10 charge. There has been some recent legislation to possibly reverse this, but my guess is that they will continue to charge anyone who doesn't go through a formal complaint process with the FCC or whoever. In a similar manner, over time they have initially refused to allow the rental of a cable card for new service, CSRs nor line SCSRs had the ability to add them via their computers, only a formal FCC complaint would get this "fixed" with some lame excuse.
    This latest variation, in which you cannot get TV service without paying for the DVR and "service" is just the latest variation of their irrational behavior...BTW, this is a clear violation of the FCC's cable card rules but apparently if you don't go through with the FCC complaint you will continue to pay anyway....apparently enough folks don't want this hassle and just eat it.
    By the way, if and when they get to file bankruptcy, it will be to "reorganize" their debt, they have been trying to sell various of their assets but without too much success, except for a few states in the northwest.
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    Mar 6, 2020
    yes, was just told by their reps this morning they refuse to supply cable cards on any new account.
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    Have you reported this to the FCC yet (if not why not)?

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    Frontier is one of my options here in Southern CT. My contract with Comcast ends in June or July. I am not looking forward to duking this out with Frontier. I want a smooth transition if I choose to switch. I guess theres always YTTV and internet while the battles rage.
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    Around July 2019, I called a Frontier sales representative to purchase their ultimate TV package 500/500 Mb FiOS plan in the central FL market. I told the rep that I wanted to use my own router and I needed four cable cards. He try talk me out of using my own router and to use their DVR boxes, but I politely insisted that I wanted to use my own equipment. He said no problem and scheduled my install.

    On the day of the install, the Frontier technician (not a contractor) came to my home with a router and a Frontier DVR box. I politely explain to him that I was going to use my own router and I needed four cable cards for my TiVo boxes. He try to talk me out of it but gave in. Next, he drove to the local office to pickup the cable cards and went back to my house to install the equipment.

    The installer was an old GTE/Verizon guy that has stuck with company through all the mergers/buy-outs, and he seemed really knowledgeable. In fact, he mentioned to me how Frontier's billing system works. Basically, the rental equipment has to be online and connected to my home internet; so, it can phone home and be added to my account. Then, I would start being billed for it.

    So, I never connected the Frontier router or DVR, and it was returned to them without issue. To this day, I have yet to be billed a router or DVR fee. This was my personal experience with setting up new service with Frontier and your mileage may vary.
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    Simple: First go the FCC route; that should fix everthing. Or, do as FubarJeb and others have done; that seems to work, too. I'd say you've gotten good help (options that have been successful for other posters) on this forum, so far. The choice is up to you, OP.
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    Hi, I am a long time FIOS/Frontier subscriber. I currently have the 75/75 service and 2 TiVos with Cablecards.

    I believe the last time I talked to them they said if I upgraded to the 500/500 speed that I'd no longer be able to use TiVo+cablecard. It sounds like this is not true?
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    It's certainly not true technically, but it could (now) be true by policy. See: Zatz Reports that FCC Drops CableCARD Requirements for Cable TV Providers

    I doubt it though.
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    Sep 3, 2006
    Thank you for your response. Should the Cablecards I already have work with 500/500, or do they require a different Cablecard?
  10. wmcbrine

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    Aug 2, 2003
    Your Internet speed should have no effect whatsoever on your CableCards, which (at least as the TiVo uses them) don't even use your Internet connection in any way.
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